Last Published: 11/1/2007 12:31:21 PM
Upon Roll Call the following members were present:
Excused:1 - BILL SKAGGS

Authorizing an amendment to a contract with Gamble & Schlemeier, Ltd. for State lobbying services authorized by No. Ordinance 031083 to terminate year two of the agreement on July 31, 2005 and commence an additional third term on August 1, 2005 to end July 31, 2006, and establish a payment schedule for the contract terms.

Councilwoman Bonnie Sue Coope stated that this ordinance was just changing the dates of the contract and not the wording of the contract with Gamble and Schlemeier, Ltd.
Ayes: 3 - Cooper, McFadden-Weaver, Glover
Nays: 0
 There will be continuation of the discussion of the City Council's Standing Rules. The discussion continued with review of rules 6 through 15. Rule No. 6. Committees, appointment of. Councilwoman McFadden-Weaver wanted to discuss this item. She stated that the vote of the committee without recommendation sometimes gets tied up in other business. She suggested changing the number of committee members on certain committees. Councilwoman Cooper suggested coming back to this item later. Rule No. 7. Standing committees, members. Mayor Barnes spoke before the committee. She thanked the committee for the role of considering changes to the standing rules. She would like to have 3 to 5 members on certain committees. It is still left to the discretion of the Mayor to decide what committee duties should be. An increase in the number of committee members would allow flexibility. She thanked the committee for allowing her a chance to speak. Rule No. 8. Committees, meetings. It was decided that additional information was needed and the committee should return to this item. Councilwoman Cooper asked if a "Blackberry" would fall into the category of cell phones. The last sentence of this section needed to be clarified. And the question of what constitutes a quorum also needs to be answered. Rule No. 9. Weekly Business Sessions. According to Ms. Crossland ordinance no. 031417 corrected Rule 9 by adding the 10th floor. This was changed last year. Rule 9 should stay as it is. Rule 9A. Reasonable public notice of public meetings. Councilwoman Cooper stated that the council was going by state statute RSMO 610. Mr. Holtkamp stated that if there were any changes at the state level to the sunshine law then those changes would automatically take place at the city level as well. It was recommended to leave this section as it is. Rule 10. Introduction out of regular order; assignment to committee of ordinance or resolution from the floor. Ms. Crossland explained why she thought that a change in the way the docket was printed up prior to the Legislative Session would be beneficial to the council. Councilmembers did not seem receptive to the changes suggested by Ms. Crossland. No decision was made on this item. Rule No. 11. Voting. Councilwoman Cooper asked what is "any other question"? There was not change to this item. Rule No. 12. Precedence of motions. Councilwoman McFadden-Weaver stated that this section was in line with Robert Rules. There was no change to this item. Rule No. 13. Committee of the whole. There was no change to this item. Rule No. 14. Division of question. There was not change to this item. Rule No. 15. Reconsideration. Councilwoman Cooper recommended changing the number of votes needed for reconsideration from seven to nine affirmative votes. Councilman Glover stated that it would require more votes for reconsideration than it did to pass the original legislation. Councilwoman McFadden-Weaver said that she agreed with Mr. Glover. She thought that the language should reflect the number of votes needed. Councilman Glover asked that staff come back with clarified language that addressed this issue. Councilwoman Cooper suggested making it be a Super Majority to reconsider a vote. It was also suggested that staff look at what other cities and legislators did about this type of issue. Councilwoman Cooper stated that it should always be harder to reconsider. Councilwoman McFadden-Weaver said that the language should read that it should be "equal to or harder than" to reconsider it.