Last Published: 9/16/2005 1:53:12 PM
Upon Roll Call the following members were present:

Amending Chapter 2, Code of Ordinances, by repealing Section 2-1020, Conflict of interest annual report, and enacting in lieu thereof a new section of like number and subject matter.

Millie Crossland, City Clerk, explained the purpose of the ordinance. Ms. Crossland described changes to Chapter 2.
 There will be a continuation of the discussion of the City Council Standing Rules. The discussion continued with review of rules 30 through 37. Rule 30. Attendance at council meetings. Councilwoman Cooper stated that this rule needed some changes. Millie Crossland stated that in the earlier rule, standing up and asking for an excuse was talked about. In this rule, it says that the councilmember has to give the city clerk, mayor, mayor pro tempore, and the city manager 24 hours notice. She recommended that this notice is what tells her that when she calls roll she will say excused if she has received notice and absent when she hasn't. Then "we don't have to stand up to excuse people." Councilwoman Cooper recommended that there should be a statement as to the reason for the absence. Councilwoman Cooper stated she thought there was a conflict between the charter and the standing rules regarding the city manager in section (b). Alan Holtkamp, Law Department, stated that it has always been that the city manager excused himself and sends an acting city manager in his/her place. Councilwoman Cooper stated that "unless excused" be looked at. Mr. Holtkamp recommended deleting the words, "unless excused." Rule 31. Debate. Councilwoman Cooper stated that the item, "Councilmembers shall not use cellular phones during council proceedings." should be stressed. Councilwoman McFadden-Weaver asked if they were to be disallowed period and Councilwoman Cooper stated they are to be disallowed. Ms. Crossland asked who would be enforcing that rule and Mr. Holtkamp stated it would be the sergeant-at-arms. He stated the presiding officer could as well by holding somebody out of order. Councilwoman Cooper recommended that if someone keeps using their cell phone a memo should be sent to them. Councilwoman McFadden-Weaver recommended that the rule should read, "shall not use electronic communications." Rule No. 32. Public conduct in council meetings. Councilwoman Cooper stated that section (b) could be taken out since that's prohibited in the building. Councilwoman Cooper stated that who the sergeant-at-arms is be clarified. The city clerk shouldn't be responsible for being the sergeant-at-arms. Mr. Holtkamp recommended that it be clarified that whoever the chief security officer is to be sergeant-at-arms and can enforce the rules against the public, and the presiding officer, mayor or mayor pro tempore, to enforce the rules against the councilmembers. Councilwoman Cooper didn't agree, stating she didn't think it should be up to the presiding officer or city clerk to tell a councilperson that cell phones are not allowed in the chamber. So it still should be under the enforcer, the chief security officer. Ms. Crossland suggested clarifying the role of the sergeant-at-arms, what really is the intent because some of the intent may be decorum and some may be security. Rule No. 33. Suspension of rules. There was no change to this item. Rule No. 34. To amend rules. There was no change to this item. Rule No. 35. Annual review of appointment positions. The date has been changed because the date of the budget year has been changed. Rule No. 36. Council proceedings published. There was no change to this item. Rule No 37. Closed sessions. There was no change to this item. Councilwoman Cooper asked if there was anything else to come before the committee concerning the rules. Ms. Crossland stated she will introduce an ordinance that will repeal the ordinance regarding special meetings of the city council and that there has to be a certain amount of advance notice, recommended by someone in the law department. The rules already cover this.