Last Published: 11/1/2007 12:30:23 PM
Upon Roll Call the following members were present:
 There will be a discussion on the City Council's Standing Rules. The committee started with the review of the standing rules 1 through 5. The purpose of the review is to bring the rules up to date. Up to at least 2005. City Clerk Millie Crossland and Assistant City Attorney Alan Holtkamp spoke before the committee. Millie Crossland started by saying that some of the rules and procedures have not been reviewed or updated in quite a few years. Some of the rules remain as they appear today. Rule 1. Presiding Officer. There were no comments on this issue. Rule 1A. Mayor ProTempore; Council Whip. The Chair of the Legislative, Rules and Ethics Committee should be added to wording. The Chair should work together as lobbyist. Councilwoman Cooper stated that the Chair of the committee should act as the lobbyist. The sentence regarding the council whip should be deleted. Rule 2. Order of Business. The recommendation was to reverse the invocation and roll call. Councilwoman Cooper stated that it would be appropriate to add a pledge of allegiance as No. 2 and move roll call down to No. 3. Rule 3. Roll call. Millie Crossland stated that when members give notice of when they will be absent and then are excused. The clerk can provide a list of members as excused if notice is given. Councilwoman Cooper reviewed the list of excuses for absences. Ms. Crossland explained that the notice would be explained in reason for absence. Councilman Skaggs asked about vacations. He felt that a council member should be excused for being on vacation. Mr. Holtkamp said he would look into that issue. Ms. Crossland stated that item No. 6 should have a wording change. It looks as if the intent is to keep people in the chamber for advances. The suggestion was to remove this section. Suggestions from committee members ranged from scratching the item to being able to vote on an ordinance until the roll call on the next ordinance. This issue needs to be resolved. Rule No. 4. Right of floor. Councilwoman Cooper stated that sometimes the council deviates from this rule. Councilwoman McFadden-Weaver stated that she would like to see the presiding officer enforce this rule. Ms. Crossland suggested looking at "Robert's Rules" for a reference to this issue. Rule No. 5. Right of appeal. This item was very basic in text. There were no recommended changes for this item. The next meeting would cover items 6 through 16 or 17. The meeting adjourned at 10:55 a.m.