Last Published: 10/10/2006 9:21:16 AM
Wednesday, October 11, 2006, at 9:00 AM
26th Floor, Council Chamber
Terry M. Riley, Chair
Charles A. Eddy, Vice Chair
Becky Nace       Deb Hermann
061091 Authorizing the Director of Public Works to enter into a $639,840.00 contract with John Rohrer Contracting Company for Project No. 89005508 and Project No. 89005509; authorizing the Director of Public Works to amend and increase a contingency amount of this contract; authorizing the City Manager to expend appropriated funds; and designating requisitioning authority.
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061092 Authorizing a $425,425.00 contract with Wilson Plumbing Company, for sanitary sewer improvements at 55th and Bennington; authorizing the City Manager to expend up to $467,967.50 for the contract; and authorizing assessment of the costs against the properties benefited.
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061093 Condemning and taking street, and temporary right-of-way on private properties for the construction and maintenance of the 22nd Street Corridor, said are being bounded by Tracy Avenue, along, and adjacent to East 22nd Street easterly to Brooklyn Avenue, all in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, providing for the payment of just compensation therefore; authorizing continued negotiations by the City of Kansas City; consenting to the filing of the petition for condemnation by the City Attorney, on behalf of the City; and authorizing the City Clerk to file this ordinance with the Recorder of Deeds in Jackson County, Missouri.
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061099 Approving a $1,505,605.00 contract with Greenleaf Construction Company, Inc. for Contract No. 100, Catch Basin Replacements – 2006 Phase H; authorizing the Director of Water Services to expend $1,811,405.00 for the project; and authorizing the Director of Finance to return unexpended appropriations to the appropriate account.
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061101 Authorizing the Director of Public Works to expend $836,000.00 for the North Congress and Tiffany Springs improvement project
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 Representatives from MA Mortenson and Icon Venue Group will be giving their monthly report on the construction and community participation regarding the Sprint Center Downtown Arena Project.

Representatives from Mason Tillman and Associates will give a presentation regarding the "Disparity Study".