Last Published: 8/17/2018 1:16:41 PM
Wednesday, August 22, 2018, at 10:00 AM
26th Floor, Council Chambers
Alissia Canady, Chair
Katheryn Shields, Vice Chair
Quinton Lucas       Heather Hall
180584 Designating the honorary street name of Leon & Willosa Stapleton Way for a portion of 39th Street from the east line of Indiana Avenue to the west line of Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard.
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180602 Accepting and approving two, twelve-month contracts in the amounts of $321,220.00 and $184,718.00 with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to provide funding for the City’s Public Health Preparedness and Cities Readiness programs.
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180603 Accepting a grant from the Greater Kansas City Health Care Foundation to expand Life X efforts to mobilize residents and promote community-based solutions that reduce social inequities, leading to healthier communities where zip code no longer dictates life expectancy in Kansas City; estimating revenue in the amount of $115,000.00 in the Parks and Recreation Fund; appropriating $115,000.00 into the Parks and Recreation Fund; designating requisitioning authority.
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180605 Amending Chapter 10, Code of Ordinances, by repealing Section 10-340, Orders or sales off licensed premises, and enacting in lieu thereof a new section of like number and subject matter which will allow customers to pay for alcoholic beverages online for the purpose of allowing alcoholic beverages to be delivered to a person’s home without requiring them to first purchase the alcohol in person at the store which is currently required.
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180606 (Sub.)Amending Chapter 54, Article IV, Chapter 54, Article V and Chapter 76, Article III, to strengthen ordinances regulating salvage yards, secondary metal recyclers and towing operations.
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 1. Staff from Kansas City Fire Department will give an update on Response Times and EMS Collections.
 2. There may be a general discussion regarding current Neighborhoods and Public Safety issues.
 3. Pursuant to the following subsections of Section 610.021 of the Revised Statutes
of Missouri, there may be a closed session to discuss: (1) legal matters, litigation, or
privileged communications with attorneys, pursuant to subsection 1;
(2) real estate, pursuant to subsection 2;
(3) personnel, pursuant to subsection 3 and 13; and/or
(4) sealed bids or proposals, pursuant to subsection 12.

 The City Clerk`s Office now has equipment for the hearing impaired for use with
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committee. Be prepared to leave your Driver`s License or State issued Identification
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