Last Published: 4/24/2009 11:14:35 AM
Thursday, April 30, 2009, at 8:30 AM
10th Floor, Committee Room
Russ Johnson, Chair
Melba Curls, Vice Chair
Terry M. Riley       Jan Marcason
Bill Skaggs       
Aviation - Mark VanLoh
090312 Approving and authorizing a five year Use and Lease Agreement, effective May 1, 2009, with Signatory Airlines at Kansas City International Airport; authorizing like agreements with additional airlines; and authorizing amendments to the agreements.
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General Services - Gerald Smith
090320 (Sub.)Authorizing the Director of General Services to execute documents and take all steps necessary to effectuate a purchase with Pursell Oxford Investments, LLC, for the purchase of the 25 +/- acre tract at approximately 9600 Elmwood (the “Property”) for the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department-South Patrol, out of previously appropriated funds; adding a 2.5% fee for General Services; and recognizing an emergency.
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Councilmember Circo and Councilmember Riley
090330 Reducing appropriations in the Capital Improvements Fund in the amount of $65,000.00 and appropriating this sum to an account in the Capital Improvements Fund for a project in the Fifth Council District; reducing appropriations in the General Fund in the amount of $65,000.00 and appropriating this sum to an account in the General Fund for projects in the Fifth Council District.
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Councilmember Johnson
090341 (Sub.)RESOLUTION - Stating the intention of the Council regarding advance funding of certain capital projects.
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 There may be general discussion regarding current Transportation and Infrastructure issues.

Pursuant to the following subsections of Section 610.021 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, there may be a closed session to discuss:

(1) legal matters, litigation, or privileged communications with attorneys, pursuant to subsection 1;
(2) real estate, pursuant to subsection 2;
(3) personnel, pursuant to subsection 3 and 13; and/or
(4) sealed bids or proposals, pursuant to subsection 12.