Last Published: 11/20/2006 2:28:30 PM
Wednesday, March 12, 2003, at 9:00 AM
Council Chamber, 26th Floor
Terry M. Riley, Chair
Charles A. Eddy, Vice Chair
Becky Nace       Deb Hermann
030234 Authorizing Farm Lease Agreements between Kansas City, Missouri and Glen and Karlyn Wren, Arsene Vandendaele, and Daniel and Bonita Sissom providing for lease for use in agricultural purposes portions of land at the Birmingham Farm located in Kansas City, Missouri.
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030235 Authorizing a $935,130.00 Contract with George Butler Associates for Contract No. 046 Lampkins Fork, White Oak and Blue River Watershed Master Plan Study; and appropriating funding therefore.
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030236 Authorizing a $7,756.00 Third Amendment to a Design Professional Services Agreement with Helix Architecture + Design, Inc. (formerly Wiedeman Architects Incorporated) for additional architectural service for Fire Station No. 36 project at 99th Street and Holmes and authorizing the Director of Public Works to expend $7,756.00 for the amendment.
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030237 Authorizing a $3,436,300.00 contract with Orr Construction Management, Inc., for constructing a new Fire Station No. 36 at 9903 Holmes; reducing an appropriation in the amount of $2,137,060.00 in the Fire Sales Tax Fund; appropriating it to the Fire Station 36 Replacement account of the Fire Sales Tax Fund; authorizing the Director of Public Works to expend $4,737,060.00 for the project; appropriating $37,964.00 to the Fire Station 1% for Art account; appropriating $9,056.00 to the Youth Employment Fund; and designating requisitioning authority.
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030238 Authorizing a $192,977.00 agreement with HNTB Architects Engineers Planners for engineering services in connection with the sanitary sewer improvement in the vicinity of 66th Street and Manchester Avenue; reducing appropriations in the amount of $600,430.00 in the Sewer Special Assessment Bond Fund 1991; appropriating it to various accounts in the Sewer Special Assessment Bond Fund 1991; designating requisitioning authority; authorizing the Director of Public Works to expend $192,977.00 for the project; and authorizing assessment of the costs against the properties benefitted.
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030250 Approving Traffic Regulation Nos. 56695 through 56756.
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030271 To reestablish Sewer District No. 10042 and establish Sewer District No. 10072, in Sewer Division 10, generally bounded by Raytown Road on the north, Farley Avenue of the east, 50th Street on the south, and a line 200 feet west of the east line of Section 30, Township 49, Range 32, on the west, in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, and repealing Section 1 of Ordinance No. 40282, passed February 25, 1972.
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