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Last Published: 12/6/2006 9:45:15 AM
Upon Roll Call the following members were present:

Authorizing Amendment No. 1 to increase the BFI Waste Systems, Inc., contract by $45,000.00 for Project No. C000586 - Consolidated Terminal Trash Compactors at Kansas City International airport and the expenditure of previously appropriated funds for a total contract amount of $95,000.00.

Kathy Wayland, Aviation Department, testified on behalf of this ordinance. This ordinance would authorize a first amendment to a contract. In a previous contract that was brought to this committee Aviation presented a contract that would consolidate the trash at Kansas City International Airport (KCI). When that contract was drawn up all the airlines did not have their numbers in saying how many time the trash was to be picked up. This increase would add to the funds already in place and would assist Aviation in continuing the trash pickup. Aviation would also be joining with the city under the cities new contract for trash pickup which should be coming in the latter part of 1999.
Ayes: 4 - Loar, Rowland, Asjes, Brooks
Nays: 0

Authorizing a nineteen month $516,000.00 contract, with two one-year renewal options, with Farm Management Associates for Project No. C000649 for farm management services at the Kansas City International Airport and the expenditure of previously appropriated funds.

Phil Brown, Acting Director of the Aviation Department, testified on behalf of this ordinance. This ordinance would authorize a contract that would manage four thousand acres of land surrounding the airport (this is a twenty month contract). Prior to now the Aviation Department leased the land. Currently they are looking to have someone manage the land for maintenance, repairs and to check for any erosions. Farmland Management is the firm that the city is looking into to care for the land. Farmland Management was one of four bids for this ordinance. Currently the Aviation Department is getting $32.50 per acre for the land. This firm has told Aviation that after the land has been cared for and brought up to par they should be getting close to $60.00 per acre for the land. Councilman Jim Rowland questioned why this company was picked over other companies. Council chair Teresa Loar said this company was picked over the other companies because the owner is a farmer, knows the land, knows the area, and also knows the residents. Rich Noll, Assistant City Manager, testified giving the process on how a company is picked. "There is a questionnaire, and numeric process that each bidder goes through. They have to answer questions by persons on the committee which includes one council person, the division head, one of the City Manager's, and other members of staff. This company has to be able to meet the cities needs. The Aviation Department keeps a copy of each the ratings for bidders". W.D. Davis, President of Farmers Management, testified saying his company has been in this business for almost seventy five years. "Our arrangement with the Aviation Department to make this a crop share operation. Aviation would provide the fertilizer and storage cost, which would then be reimbursed back to the city once the crop is sold. The direction that we will be taking would be to first get an inventory of the land, then develop a plan of action. All this information would be given to the Aviation Department so that they are aware of what is being done. University people will also be involved in the development of the land". Council member Evert Asjes III requested to hold the ordinance for one week to allow for more information to come before the committee explaining why this company was picked over the other companies due to the high amount of money that they are asking.
Ayes: 4 - Loar, Rowland, Asjes, Brooks
Nays: 0
  There will be a closed session to discuss potential litigations pursuant to Section 610.021 (1).