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Last Published: 3/25/2009 7:52:03 AM
Upon Roll Call the following members were present:

Amending Chapter 2, Code of Ordinances, by repealing Section 2-1115, Reduction in force; layoffs, and enacting in lieu thereof a new section of like number and subject matter, which adjusts affected employees salaries in accordance with the pay ordinance in effect at the time of the layoff, grants the City Manager authority to stabilize affected employees pay and gives affected employees an opportunity to alternative employment.

Gary O'Bannon, Director of Human Resources, testified before the committee on this ordinance. This ordinance language changes the way layoffs and staff reductions are determined. It allows the department flexibility in determining who gets laid off and who stays without fear of legal actions being taken against the City.
Ayes: 4 - Hermann, Marcason, Gottstein, Johnson
Nays: 0

RESOLUTION - Directing the City Manager to maintain the hiring freeze and other existing cost containment measures, limit certain discretionary expenditures, present recommendations to remediate the potential shortfall following the third quarter analysis and immediately begin the reduction in force proposed in the submitted budget.

Councilwoman Hermann stated that she had sponsored this legislation because she wanted to see the problem of the budget shortfall dealt with sooner instead of later. A discussion of layoffs and service reductions followed. Chief of Staff Charles Eddy and Assistant City Manager Rich Noll attempted to answer questions put forth by the committee regarding actions being taken by the City Manager. Councilmembers requested a meeting with the City Manager or have him appear before the committee next week to answer questions that the committee had concerning some issues that he had addressed in a memo sent to the council this week. Councilman Johnson had an issue with the wording of the resolution and wanted to get clarification from the City Manager on changing the wording. Charles Eddy stated that he would talk with the City Manager about the wording. Rich Noll stated that the City Manager had sent out a memo to all department heads to eliminate certain travel expenditures. This item was held one week to get clarification on the intent of the resolution from the City Manager.
 The CIMO update is continued. Ralph Davis presented information to the committee regarding expenditures from the department. (A handout is on file in the Office of the City Clerk.) Councilwoman Hermann asked that he return next week with information on how the department plans to reconcile the shortfall the department is carrying on their books. There will be a continuation of the presentation by the Finance Department and Budget Office regarding the state of the budget to date, including Departmental Detail. This item was held one week. The Silver Haired City Council's recommendations concerning User Fee Policy will be presented. Norine Accurso, Mayor ProTem for the Silver Haired City Council, talked about the project of surveying community centers throughout Kansas City with regards to their user fees and make recommendations to the City Council. She explained how the council went about their task and talked about their findings. She presented the recommendations to the committee (A copy of the recommendations are on file in the Office of the City Clerk.) Councilwoman Hermann stated that she had invited the Silver Haired Council to review the upcoming budget and offer suggestions from the Senior Citizen viewpoint. She also stated that several other projects had been recommended to the Silver Haired Council for their assistance and feedback. There will be a report on the Public Safety Radio System. Rich Noll, Assistance City Manager, discussed the process that the city had taken in attempting to acquire updated radio equipment. He presented a power point presentation (A copy of the presentation is on file in the Office of the City Clerk.) Mr. Noll talked about the reason for the proposed upgrades. Some equipment failures on a few occasions had put citizens and emergency workers in danger. The City has problems in trying to find replacement parts because of the age of the equipment. The City has had to go to Ebay to find replacement parts for some of the equipment. He talked about the possibility of being able to finance a portion of the costs through the Economic Stimulus package being considered by Congress. Part of the maintenance for emergency responders may fall under the category of infrastructure maintenance. This presentation will be presented to the full council during Thursday's Business Session. Staff from the City Auditor's Office will present the Performance Audit: Kansas City Global Commission. Because of time restraints, a very brief report was made on this item. According to Mr. White after auditing the commission, the department could find no Red Flag Commission violations. (A copy of the report is on file in the Office of the City Clerk.) There may be general discussion(s) on current Finance and Audit Committee issues. Pursuant to the following subsections of Section 610.021 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, there may be a closed session to discuss: (1) legal matters, litigation, or privileged communications with attorneys, pursuant to subsection 1; (2) real estate, pursuant to subsection 2; (3) personnel, pursuant to subsection 3 and 13; and/or (4) sealed bids or proposals, pursuant to subsection 12.