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Last Published: 11/29/2006 9:40:14 AM
Upon Roll Call the following members were present:

Authorizing a News, Gift and Specialty Retail Concession Agreement with The Paradies Shops, Inc., at the Kansas City International Airport.

Ms. Denise Gilmore, Creative Concessions, was present to voice her opposition to this ordinance. She questioned whether there was a level playing field. She stated that she believed that Paradies had an advantage from the beginning and that they were in on the design aspect since December 2000. Ms. Gilmore addressed Member Rowland's question regarding the City's obligation to MBE/WBE vendors posed at the November 14, 2001 meeting. She further stated that she was displeased with the Aviation Director and the way that this process was handled. Ms. Gilmore stated that switching DBEs is not fair and that it does not allow new companies to grow and flourish. Ms. Gilmore stated that she was not happy with the role that her company would have played in contracting with Paradies. She felt that she would be a name on the storefront but not have any operating role. She explained her role with each of the companies that she contracted with and stated that at staff's recommendation, Smith Company pulled their bid believing that Paradies had already been awarded the contract. She further addressed staffing levels, floor space, design, and percentage of sales. She concluded with a thorough analysis of her financial status and her 21 years of marketing, sales, and management experience. Mark Bryant, Pollsinelli, Shalton, Whelte, representing the Hudson group gave a brief presentation on the weight assigned to each of the selection criteria which he described as subjective. He stated that there was little difference in the proposals. Mr. Bryant felt that the bottom line should be a minimum guaranteed rent as well as current sales. He stated that Paradies has not come close to the projection in their bid in the past 9 years. Ron Finley, Attorney, gave a brief history of the MBE/WBE program. He stated that he believed that city picked Ms. Gilmore for Paradies 9 years ago. He stated that the system has changed over the years and that this process was flawed. Member Rowland stated that he had heard the terms "level playing field" used and that he didn't understand why Ms. Gilmore did not bid with Paradies. Dick Dixon, Paradies, addressed several issues that he felt had been misstated. He said that the City had no contract with Ms. Gilmore, the contract was with Paradies. He addressed the proposed contract extension and answered other questions raised by Ms. Gilmore's attorneys. Elliott and Catherine Threatt were present to introduce themselves to the committee. Mrs. Threatt stated her previous retail experience. Judy Byrd, Unison Maximus, consultant, was present to testify of behalf of the selection process. She stated that she was a former DBE business owner herself and expressed her concerns. She explained the term "enplanements," price spent per passenger, and addressed the rent issues, sales projections and the subjectivity of the selection criteria. Carol Coe, Delta Sigma Theta, was present to voice her opposition to the process by which this contract had been awarded. Reverend Wallace Hartzfeld, Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church, was present to testify against this ordinance. Reverend Fuzzy Thompson was present to testify in opposition to this ordinance. He stated that if the process was closed, it was indeed flawed. Louise Arteberry, DBE at KCI, stated her opinion of Paradies and their treatment of Ms. Gilmore during Ms. Gilmore's first contract with Paradies. Member Riley stated that this process never should had gotten this far and expressed his extreme displeasure with the Aviation Director and the process. Chair Loar agreed to co-sponsor an ordinance with Member Riley calling for an audit of the selection process.
Ayes: 3 - Loar, Rowland, Asjes
Nays: 1 - Riley