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Last Published: 8/25/2008 4:42:14 PM
Upon Roll Call the following members were present:
Excused:1 - JIM GLOVER
 The discussion continued with review of rules 17 through 25. Millie Crossland stated on Rule No. 16, she may just need to make sure the page numbers are correct when it refers to pages in the Charter. Rule No. 17. Emergency ordinances. There was no change to this rule. Rule 18. Amendments and re-referrals. There was no change to this rule. Rule 19. Amendment or change in committee There was no change to this rule. Rule 20. Amending an amendment. There was no change to this rule. Rule 20-A. Motion to hold indefinitely. Councilwoman McFadden-Weaver asked if there is a standing rule that if a councilperson wants to pull it up, any council member has the right to do so. No change to this rule. Rule No. 21 Ordinance preparation time schedule. Millie Crossland stated that Rule No. 21 needs to be completely reworded on the flow of the ordinance request. Prior to the new system there was a completely paper driven process. The process is now computerized. She stated that she can reword this in the way that it is actually occurring now and explained the current process. There was discussion about the new process. Committee members requested that the new process continue to allow staff to feel free to discuss ordinances with council members or ask for an ordinance to be introduced instead of going through the City Manager before talking to a council member when deadlines are not met.
 Rule 22. Introduction of ordinances and resolutions preparation of fact sheets. Ms. Crossland asked if they wanted to have hard copies of the first readings in their books. The committee requested that first readings be put in the books. Rule 22-A. Ordinance Content. There were no comments on this rule. Rule No. 22-B. Reading of ordinances. There were no comments on this rule. Rule No. 23. Appropriation ordinance, purpose to be shown. Councilwoman Cooper asked about the fiscal notes. Ms. Crossland will look up the resolution. She recommended the word "written" be stricken because it is an electronic approval. Alan Holtkamp, City Attorney, agreed that this language is correct. Rule 24. Proposed ordinances, distribution of duties of city clerk. There were no comments on this rule. Rule No. 25. Referral to committee. Councilwoman Cooper asked about the committee chair's options on holding an ordinance. Mr. Crossland referred to Rule No. 8. The committee chair's authority to hold an ordinance in committee for an indefinite period of time needs to be clarified. Mr. Holtkamp referred to Robert's Rules of Order. He recommended that it be clarified in Rule No. 8. Councilwoman McFadden-Weaver recommended that a committee vote be required to hold an ordinance instead of being at the discretion the committee chair. Councilman Skaggs recommended that Rule Nos. 8 and 28 be clarified.

Amending Chapter 2, Code of Ordinances, by repealing Section 2-1020, Conflict of interest annual report, and enacting in lieu thereof a new section of like number and subject matter.


RESOLUTION - That the Council of the City of Kansas City, Missouri supports its Congressional delegation’s efforts to protect the promise to Missourians, and oppose restructuring the Social Security Trust Fund in ways that reduces guaranteed benefits for hundreds of thousands of Missourians, especially women and children who will be disproportionately affected and who depend upon Social Security for their survival and well-being.

Councilwoman McFadden-Weaver explained the purpose of the resolution. Charles Moelton testified against the resolution stating that the Cit Council should not voice an opinion on a national issue. The following testified in favor of the resolution: Anita Russell, Kansas City, MO Branch NAACP, read and distributed a written statement. Sarah Swartz, Rock The Vote Lindsay Walker, Pro-Vote Thomas Sanchez, Young Democrats of MO Jumoke Balogun, Rock The Vote Leslie Diuquid, Rock The Vote Gene W. DeVaux, UAW Area Council of Retirees distributed copies of "Reality of The Trust Fund" Councilwoman Cooper announced that she would have to leave after Ms. Russell's testimony and made the following statement: "It was my opinion, as I expressed to the councilwoman, that this council should not be dealing with this issue because it is a federal issue and it also actually a partisan issue and we are a non-partisan government. Well, anyhow, the resolution is, not the issue but the resolution and that we are non-partison and I felt like the resolution should not be dealt with. Also, I don't think that we should be dealing with issues that we're not at the table in Washington. Our congressional delegation is. They're that ones that are getting the facts. We are getting second-hand facts and to me, I don't know what votes they traded or what they've done. I know that Kit Bond just got another $50 million for us. I don't know how he got that. I'm knot supposed to know. I don't want to interfere with what they are doing. They have their job todo. We have ours. That was my concern. It didn't have anything to do with the issue itself or how I feel about the issue. It has to do, what I think, is the proper role of City Council in a non-partisan form of government and the proper role of federal officials. I just wanted to make it clear what my feeling was about all this." Councilwoman Cooper turned the meeting over to Councilwoman McFadden-Weaver and testimony continued. Councilman Skaggs left the meeting after the testimony of Mr. DeVaux. Councilwoman McFadden-Weaver thanked everyone for their testimony.