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Last Published: 6/12/2009 10:41:36 AM
Wednesday, June 17, 2009, at 1:30 PM
Council Chamber, 26th Floor
Terry M. Riley, Chair
Cindy Circo, Vice Chair
Beth Gottstein       John A. Sharp
Ed Ford       
Beginning of Proposed Consent Items
090505 Approving the plat of UC Condominiums, an addition in Jackson County, Missouri; and authorizing the City Clerk to record this ordinance and attached documents. (SD1315A)
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End of Proposed Consent Items
090420 Declaring an area of about 520 acres generally bounded by Blue Ridge Boulevard on the north, the Missouri Pacific Railroad on the south, the Big Blue River on the east and a line parallel to and 1/8 mile west of Wyandotte Street on the west, as a blighted and insanitary area in need of redevelopment and rehabilitation pursuant to the Missouri Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority law and approving the Martin City Neighborhood Urban Renewal Plan. (672-S)
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090078 RESOLUTION - Expressing the support of the Council for the remediation of blight by the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority of Kansas City, Missouri, in the Armour Gillham PIEA Area, including the relocation of utility lines; and directing the City Manager to assist in this effort.
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090441 (Sub.)Rezoning an area of approximately 20 acres generally bounded by 3rd Street on the north, approximately 100 feet east of Gillis Street on the east, 5th Street on the south and Cherry Street on the west from Districts R-4, C-2, M-1 and M-2a to District URD, and approving a development plan for the same. (13973-URD)
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090447 (Sub.)Reducing appropriations in the General Fund in the amount of $400,000.00; estimating $110,000.00 in revenue from the New Market Tax Credits CDE; appropriating $510,000.00 to various accounts in the General Fund to pay for development finance services.
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090456 Approving the plat of Hunt Midwest Business Park – Third Plat, an addition in Clay County, Missouri; accepting various easements; establishing grades on public ways; authorizing the Director of City Development to execute and/or accept certain agreements; and authorizing the City Clerk to record this ordinance and attached documents. (SD0956E)
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 There may be general discussion regarding current Planning and Zoning issues.

Pursuant to the following subsections of Section 610.021 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, there may be a closed session to discuss:

(1) legal matters, litigation, or privileged communications with attorneys, pursuant to subsection 1;
(2) real estate, pursuant to subsection 2;
(3) personnel, pursuant to subsection 3 and 13; and/or
(4) sealed bids or proposals, pursuant to subsection 12.