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Last Published: 4/6/2007 2:22:46 PM
Wednesday, April 11, 2007, at 10:30 AM
10th Floor, Committee Room
Charles A. Eddy, Chair
Alvin L. Brooks, Vice Chair
Bill Skaggs       Terry M. Riley
John Fairfield       
070404 (Sub.)Amending Article VIII of the Administrative Code of Kansas City, Missouri, relating to the Classification and Compensation Plan, by repealing Sections 2-1075, 2-1076, 2-1077, 2-1078, 2-1079, 2-1080, 2-1082, 2-1083, 2-1086, and 2-1099 and enacting in lieu thereof new sections of like numbers which provides for maintenance of the ordinance provisions.
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070408 Approving and authorizing settlement of a lawsuit entitled Randal and Carolyn Hudson v. City of Kansas City, Missouri, Case No. 0516-CV24193.
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070425 Authorizing the Director of Finance to enter into a contract with KPMG, LLP, to make the annual independent audit of the City’s books and records for the fiscal year ending April 30, 2007, and to perform other audit services, as requested; and authorizing the Director of Finance to pay up to $585,000.00 in consideration for said audit and audit related services.
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070429 (Sub.)Amending Section 2-1198, Code of Ordinances, to permit persons who served as department director or assistant city manager prior to retiring under the terms of the early retirement program of 2003 to contract with the City prior to the expiration of a five-year period following retirement.
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070430 (Sub.)Authorizing the Director of City Development to convey certain personal property to Clay County.
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070363 (Sub.)Reducing and increasing appropriations in the General Fund, Museum Fund, East Park Fund, West Park Fund, Trafficway Maintenance Fund, Capital Improvements Fund, Water Fund, and Richards-Gebaur/KC Southern Railway Fund; estimating revenue and appropriations in the Motor Fuel Tax Fund, Convention and Tourism Fund, Downtown Arena Project Fund, and DEA Drug Forfeiture Fund; and recognizing an emergency.
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 The Finance and Audit committee may hold Closed Sessions pursuant to Sections RSMo 610.021 (1). (2), and/or (3) respectively to discuss legal, real estate or personnel matters.