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Last Published: 12/6/2006 11:45:47 AM
Wednesday, September 10, 2003, at 2:00 PM
26th Floor, Council Chambers
Troy L. Nash, Chair
John Fairfield, Vice Chair
Bonnie Sue Cooper       Kay Barnes
Saundra McFadden-Weaver       
030928 Adopting certain revisions to the Major Street Plan for Kansas City by amending the Major Street Plan by revising the alignment for Paseo Boulevard and its cross section in the vicinity of Independence Avenue and directing the City Clerk to file certain documents with the appropriate offices.
Legislation Text   
030940 (Sub.)Approving an amendment to a previously approved development plan in District CP-2 (Local Planned Business Center) on approximately a 4.80 acre tract of land generally located at the southwest corner of N.W. 62nd Street and N. Chatham Avenue. (7588-CP-39)
Legislation Text   
030558 Approving a General Development Plan for the 41st & Paseo Redevelopment Planning Area for an area of approximately 7.15 acres generally bounded by E. 41st Street, The Paseo, Wayne Avenue, and E. 42nd Street, declaring the area included in such plan to be a blighted area, insanitary or undeveloped industrial area and its redevelopment necessary and approving the ad valorem tax benefits.
Legislation Text   
030772 Approving the plat of Martin Luther Academy, an addition in Kansas City, Clay County, Missouri; accepting various easements; and establishing grades on public ways.
Legislation Text   
030843 (Sub.)Approving an amendment to a previously approved development plan for the Plaza Steppes project in District URD (Urban Redevelopment District) on approximately a 5.4 acre tract of land generally located at 47th Street and Summit Street. (9497-URD-8)
Legislation Text   
030844 (Sub.)Approving the Seventh Amendment to the Development Plan submitted by Master Craftsmen Redevelopment Corporation on a tract of land of approximately 5.4 acres generally bounded by 46th Street on the north, Jefferson Street on the east, and Summit Street on the west; and authorizing execution of a Seventh Supplementary Contract with Master Craftsmen Redevelopment Corporation. (333-S-11)
Legislation Text   
030970 RESOLUTION - Authorizing an application to the Missouri Development Finance Board (MDFB) for the authorization of state tax credits in the amount of $6,000,000.00 to support fund-raising efforts for capital improvements at the Starlight Theatre.
Legislation Text   
 There will be a closed session to discuss a Real Estate Transaction pursuant to RSMo 610.021 (2).