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Last Published: 12/7/2006 3:46:23 PM
Monday, November 20, 2000, at 1:30 PM
Council Chamber, 26th Floor
Troy L. Nash, Chair
John Fairfield, Vice Chair
Bonnie Sue Cooper       Kay Barnes
Saundra McFadden-Weaver       
The following item has been added to the agenda:
001554 COMMUNICATION - Notice received by the City Clerk regarding Petition of Protest of Zoning Change regarding Ordinance Nos. 001344 through 001348 received November 1, 2000.
Legislation Text   
001443 (Sub.)Approving an amendment to a previously approved Community Unit Project on an approximately 75.09 acre tract of land generally located at the southeast corner of N.E. 92nd Street and N. Indiana Avenue. (11594-CUP-1)
Legislation Text   
001538 Approving the plat of Ridgefield 13th Plat, an addition in Kansas City, Clay County, Missouri; accepting various easements; establishing grades on public ways; accepting certain lands for park purposes forever, in accordance with Section 58 of Article III of the Charter of Kansas City.
Legislation Text   
001539 Approving the plat of Replat of Richards & Conover Subdivision, an addition in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri; accepting and releasing various easements.
Legislation Text   
001549 RESOLUTION - Recognizing the completion of the Redevelopment Study for the Truman Road Corridor Study Area; stating the City┬┤s interest in working with the neighborhoods and businesses towards achieving the goals stated in the Study; and directing the City Manager to consider the recommendations of the Study at such time as amendments to area plans are made within the Corridor.
Legislation Text   
001308 (Sub.)Approving the development plan submitted by the Henry Hotels Redevelopment Corporation on approximately a 1 acre tract of land generally located at the northeast corner of 46th Terrace and Broadway Avenue; declaring the area included in such plan to be a blighted area and its redevelopment necessary for the preservation of the public peace, prosperity, health, safety, morals and welfare; authorizing the Director of Finance to enter into a contract with the Henry Hotels Redevelopment Corporation; and authorizing certain tax abatement within the plan area.
Legislation Text   
001309 (Sub.)Amending Chapter 80, Code of Ordinances, by adding a new section to be known as Section 80-11A0312, rezoning an area of approximately 1 acre generally located at the northeast corner of 46th Terrace and Broadway Avenue from District R-5 (High Apartments) to District URD (Urban Redevelopment District), and approving a development plan for the same. (11105-URD-2)
Legislation Text   
 There will be a closed session to discuss a Real Estate Transaction pursuant to RSMo Section 610.021(2).