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Last Published: 9/13/2019 10:44:25 AM
Wednesday, September 18, 2019, at 1:30 PM
26th Floor, Council Chamber
Lee Barnes Jr., Chair
Andrea Bough, Vice Chair
Dan Fowler       Brandon Ellington
Teresa Loar       
Beginning of Consent
190720 (Sub.)Approving the plat of QuikTrip Store No. 0223, an addition in Platte County, Missouri, on approximately 4.04 acres generally located at 4351 N.W. Tiffany Springs Road, creating two lots and one tract for the purpose of constructing a QuikTrip fuel station; accepting various easements; authorizing the Director of City Planning and Development accept certain agreements; and directing the City Clerk to record this ordinance and attached documents. (CLD-FnPlat-2019-00022)
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End of Consent
190718 (Sub.)Amending Chapter 48, Code of Ordinances, entitled “Nuisances”, by repealing Sections 48-1, 48-2, 48-3, 48-26, 48-28, 48-29, 48-32, 48-35, 48-36, 48-37, 48-38, 48-39, 48-40, 48-41, 48-44, 48-46, 48-47, 48-51, 48-62, 48-64, 48-65, 48-67, 48-68, 48-69, 48-70, 48-71, 48-76, 48-77, 48-78 and 48-82 and enacting new sections of like number and subject matter, for the purpose of revising definitions for “debris”, “owner”, “person”, “sewage disposal system”, “business entities”, and “graffiti”, updating and correcting code and department references, and clarifying code language for court enforcement.
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190737 Approving a preliminary plat of Mark II Transfer Station on a 7.793 acre tract of land generally located west of Manchester Trafficway between East U.S. 40 Highway to the north and Interstate 70 to the south. (CD-CPC-2019-00098).
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190506 (Sub.)Amending Chapter 88, the Zoning & Development Code, by repealing Section 88-610-03., Nonconforming Lots, and enacting a new section of like number and title in lieu thereof; deleting Section 88-820-01-B., Exceptions; and enacting Section 88-110-06-D., Exceptions, to permit construction of a single family-dwelling on an area of land legally created. (CD-CPC-2019-00060)
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190514 (Sub.)Amending Chapter 88, the Zoning and Development Code, Section 88-445-15-B.5. Outdoor Advertising Signs, Legal Nonconforming Outdoor Advertising Signs to allow certain existing legal nonconforming signs to be altered by installing electronic or digital display, in conjunction with removal of existing signs. (CD-CPC-2019-00101).
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190569 (Sub.)Rezoning a portion of the area known as the West Bottoms generally located along 9th Street between State Line Road on the west, St. Louis Avenue on the south, Santa Fe Street on the east, and W. 8th Street on the north, from Districts M1-5, M3-5 and DX-7, to District DX-15.
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 1. There may be general discussion regarding current Neighborhood Planning and Development issues.
 2. Closed Session

• Pursuant to Section 610.021 subsection 1 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri to discuss legal matters, litigation, or privileged communications with attorneys;

• Pursuant to Section 610.021 subsection 2 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri to discuss real estate;

• Pursuant to Section 610.021 subsections 3 and 13 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri to discuss personnel matters;

• Pursuant to Section 610.021 subsection 9 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri to discuss employee labor negotiations;

• Pursuant to Section 610.021 subsection 11 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri to discuss specifications for competitive bidding;

• Pursuant to Section 610.021 subsection 12 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri to discuss sealed bids or proposals; or

• Pursuant to Section 610.021 subsection 17 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri to discuss confidential or privileged communications with auditors.
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