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Last Published: 12/8/2006 12:48:18 PM
Wednesday, September 24, 2003, at 9:00 AM
26th Floor, Council Chamber
Charles A. Eddy, Chair
Alvin L. Brooks, Vice Chair
Bill Skaggs       Terry M. Riley
John Fairfield       
031019 Enacting a new Section 68-446, Code of Ordinances, entitled tax holiday exercise of local option to prevent the State imposed sales tax holiday of August 13, 2004 through August 15, 2004, from applying to the local portions of the sales taxes collected in the City, and directing the City Clerk to provide notice to the Missouri Department of Revenue, and to request a receipt acknowledging such notice.
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031020 Reducing the appropriation in the General Fund by $365,000.00 and appropriating it for the purpose of paying election expenses.
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031046 Approving and authorizing settlement of a workers compensation claim filed by Michael G. Sweeney for injuries resulting from an accident on October 22, 2002, while employed by the City.
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031055 RESOLUTION - Authorizing the Director of Finance to proceed with the development of financing under the City Master Lease Purchase Agreement with Banc of America Leasing & Capital, LLC in an approximate principal amount of $959,000.00 to acquire equipment for Neighborhood and Community Services, Fire and Municipal Court Departments; and thereby declaring the intent of the City to reimburse itself from the lease purchase proceeds for certain expenditures.
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031056 (Sub.)Approving an agreement with Global Spectrum, L.P. to manage the American Royal Complex.
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031061 (Sub.)Authorizing a $3,976,524.00 Design Professional Services Agreement with HNTB for the Convention Center Ballroom Expansion and Improvements, Phase I; authorizing a $1,575,950.00 Professional Services Contract with McCown Gordon Konrath, L.L.C., for the Convention Center Ballroom Expansion and Improvements, Phase I; reducing appropriations in the amount of $5,592,239.00 in the Capital Improvements Fund; appropriating it to various accounts in the Capital Improvements Fund; designating requisitioning authority; and declaring the City intent to reimburse itself from bond proceeds.
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030920 Amending Chapter 2, Code of Ordinances, by repealing Section 2-50, Approval of resolution and ordinance drafts, and enacting in lieu thereof one new section of like number and subject matter adding a section on fiscal notes.
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 There will be a closed session to discuss a legal matter pursuant to RSMo 610.021(1).