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Last Published: 10/2/2006 3:23:14 PM
Wednesday, October 04, 2006, at 9:00 AM
26th Floor, Council Chamber
Terry M. Riley, Chair
Charles A. Eddy, Vice Chair
Becky Nace       Deb Hermann
061067 Authorizing the Director of Public Works to enter into and execute a $5,038,727.00 contract with Custom Lighting Services for Project No. 89007533 - Design Build - Aquila Streetlight Improvements Phase I; authorizing the City Manager to expend $5,038,727.00 for the contract.
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061068 (Sub.)Repealing Committee Substitute for Resolution No. 040170 and amending Chapter 2, Code of Ordinances, by repealing Section 2-1585, Design-build contract, and enacting a new section in lieu thereof entitled “Alternative Construction Delivery Methods.”
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061075 Authorizing a $100,000.00 Second Amendment to a Professional, Specialized or Technical Services Contract with Terracon Consultants, Inc., Project No. 284-03030-4B for additional geotechnical, environmental and construction services; and authorizing the City Manager to expend $100,000.00 for the amendment.
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061076 Authorizing the City Manager to execute Task Order No. 7 in the amount of $136,072.00 with Tetra Tech EM, Inc. to provide additional services for environmental oversight for environmental abatement in the KC Live – Entertainment District; authorizing the City manager to expend the additional sum of $59,800.00 from previously appropriated funds; and recognizing an emergency.
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061084 Reducing appropriations in the Capital Improvements Fund in the amount of $1,200,000.00 and appropriating it to accounts in the Capital Improvements Fund for projects in the Fifth Council District.
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061085 RESOLUTION - Directing the City Manager to identify unneeded or unencumbered capital improvement tax or other funds and then cause an ordinance to be introduced by which such funds would be appropriated to the Citywide PIAC account.
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