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Last Published: 6/11/2007 4:06:50 PM
Wednesday, June 13, 2007, at 10:00 AM
26th Floor, Council Chamber
Cathy Jolly, Chair
Sharon Sanders-Brooks, Vice Chair
Cindy Circo       Melba Curls
John A. Sharp       
070655 Accepting and approving a one year $225,561.00 contract amendment with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services that provides funding for a comprehensive HIV/AIDS surveillance program; increasing revenue in the amount of $60,783.00 in the Governmental Grants Fund; and increasing appropriations in the amount of $62,294.00 in the Governmental Grants Fund.
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070673 Authorizing the Director of Fire to enter into agreements with the jurisdiction listed below to provide fire suppression services.
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070674 (Sub.)Amending Chapter 10, Code of Ordinances, by repealing Section 10-104, Sunday Licenses, and enacting in lieu thereof a new article of like number and subject matter which replaces a grammatical error in the first paragraph under section 10-104 and under section 10-104(4)(a), a correction is made to the hours of when a Nonprofit organization event may take place as this change brings the city ordinance into compliance with the current State Statute and Section 10-104(9)(a)(b)(c) has been omitted entirely as this section of the ordinance is in violation of state statute and amending Section 10-333, Hours, days of sale for all retail licensees, and enacting in lieu thereof a new article of like number and subject matter which makes a correction in hours to come into compliance with State Statute.
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070616 Directing the City Manager to suspend implementation of the automatic traffic control system authorized by Committee Substitute for Ordinance No. 060793 for a period of 90 days and to brief the Mayor and Council on the program.
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 The may be general dicussion of Public Safety and Neighborhood Committee issues.

There will be on-going discussion regarding the Introduction of Rental Property Final Report.

There may be a closed session pursuant to Section RSMo. 610.021(1) to discuss legal matters.

There will be a orientation presented by representatives from the Fire Department.