Declaring May 16, 2009, as 200 Years on Troost Day to be celebrated at the 5th Annual Troost Avenue Festival.


WHEREAS, the Osage (Wah Zha Zhi) Nation had trails and hunting lands during the 18th and 19th centuries around modern day Troost Avenue; and


WHEREAS, James Porter, his family and 40 slaves, formed a 365 acre plantation between Locust and Vine Avenues and 23rd and 31st Streets between 1832 and 1865; and


WHEREAS, that very land between 1880 and 1910 became known as Millionaires Row along the Troost Corridor between 25th Street and Linwood Boulevard; and


WHEREAS, some of the most distinguished citizens and businesses in Kansas City thrived there between 1880 and 1950, including Walt Disney, William Kemper, Gov. Thomas Crittenden, and L.V. Harkness; and


WHEREAS, the area around 31st and Troost became a thriving business district, a city within a city, and a home for Greek, Jewish, and Irish immigrants; and


WHEREAS, 41 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his life to see the children of former slaves and slave owners build a beloved community; and


WHEREAS, the strands of Native American, African American, Irish, Greek, Jewish, and other ethnicities that make up the tapestry of Troost History will be recognized in music, dance, and period clothing; and


WHEREAS, by recognizing our collective cultures and learning to draw out the best and let go of the worst, a new culture emerges that transcends what any of us could be merely on our own; NOW, THEREFORE,




That the Mayor and Council hereby declare May 16, 2009, as 200 Years on Troost Day to be celebrated at the 5th Annual Troost Avenue Festival; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Resolution be spread upon the Minutes of the Council in testimony thereof and that a copy hereof be presented to Harry Reaves of TYCOR CDC, Fr. Paisius Altschul of Reconciliation Services, and members of Troost Folks in token of the support by the Mayor, Council and citizens of Kansas City for the bringing together of both sides of Troost Avenue into a beloved community.