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Legislation #: 000454 Introduction Date: 4/6/2000
Type: Special Action Effective Date: 4/6/2000
Title: Declaring April 3-9, 2000, as Public Health Week in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Declaring April 3-9, 2000, as Public Health Week in Kansas City, Missouri.


WHEREAS, promoting good public health and a good quality of life for all Kansas Citians through disease/illness prevention and health education are core goals of the Kansas City, Missouri Health Department; and


WHEREAS, public health programs and services benefit all citizens and are essential ingredients in a strong, successful, local economy; and


WHEREAS, public health succeeds by identifying and addressing patterns of disease, illness and injury in populations and educating citizens about the benefits of adopting healthful behaviors that empower them to attain good health and prevent needless suffering; and


WHEREAS, for the past 100 years, through heightened public health awareness and the use of population based strategies for disease and injury prevention, the average life expectancy has increased by more than 30 years, while the incidence of illness, injury, heart disease, tobacco-related diseases, infectious diseases, and motor vehicle and workplace injuries has declined; and


WHEREAS, National Public Health Week provides a focused opportunity to recognize the presence of good public health practices have resulted in the eradication of smallpox and polio, healthier mothers and babies, and improved family planning; and


WHEREAS, Public Health Week further recognizes public health agencies efforts to encourage motor-vehicle safety, personal behavior changes, such as increased use of safety belts and child safety seats, motorcycle helmets, and decreased drinking and driving; and


WHEREAS, the Health Department will continue to further private and public partnerships to bring continued attention to public health issues and to communicate the importance of personal health care to citizens, and


WHEREAS, the National Public Health Week theme, Healthy People in Healthy Communities, encompasses our goals as a nation to ensure that our homes and neighborhoods are places where adults and children can thrive, NOW, THEREFORE,




That the Mayor and Council hereby declare April 3-9, 2000, to be Public Health Week in Kansas City, Missouri; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this Resolution be spread upon the Minutes of the Council in testimony thereof and that a copy hereof be presented to the Kansas City, Missouri Health Department for its efforts and dedication to serving the community in promoting good public health.