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Legislation #: 000497 Introduction Date: 4/6/2000
Type: Special Action Effective Date: 4/6/2000
Title: Recognizing the Tenth Annual Kindest Kansas Citian Awards.

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Recognizing the Tenth Annual Kindest Kansas Citian Awards.


WHEREAS, the STOP Violence Coalition was founded in 1982 by SuEllen Fried and is dedicated to the prevention of violence in all its forms; and


WHEREAS, Barbara C. Unell and Jacque DeJesus are co-founders of Kindness is Contagious...Catch It!, a peer abuse prevention program; and


WHEREAS, one of the many activities of the Coalitions Kindness is Contagious...Catch It! program is an essay contest in which students are asked to write essays of nomination for individuals they identify as exemplars of kindness; and


WHEREAS, at the Tenth Annual Kindest Kansas Citian Awards Banquet, the authors whose essays were judged winners and runners-up will be recognized with the Maxey Dupree Humanitarian Award. The winners and their subjects are Christina Sanabria, Maria Felix, Christopher Novak, Sarah Harrison and Tom Smith, Denver Harris. Three community leaders will also be honored by the STOP Violence Coalition; and


WHEREAS, this years Honorary Stars are John McMeef, Reverend Emanuel Cleaver II and Mary Kay McPhee. These individuals have been chosen for their inspiring work toward improving the quality of life in this community; and


WHEREAS, as a community, and as people who care deeply about our community, it is clear that genuine kindness, goodness and civility are qualities we value and promote. The efforts and dedication of SuEllen Fried and many others who endeavor to realize these values is of utmost importance and we are thankful for their work to educate the community about the meaning of kindness and the value of nonviolence; NOW, THEREFORE,




That the Mayor and Council hereby salute these kind people and honor them for their kindness and for conferring their goodness on the people of this City; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Resolution be spread upon the Minutes of the Council in testimony thereof and that copies hereof be presented to SuEllen Fried and Barbara C. Unell in token of the respect and esteem in which they are held for all the kindnesses given to the people of Kansas City.