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Legislation #: 001520 Introduction Date: 11/9/2000
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Title: Establishing the City´s positions on matters that may come before the Missouri General Assembly during its year 2001 Session.

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Establishing the Citys positions on matters that may come before the Missouri General Assembly during its year 2001 Session.


WHEREAS, the Missouri Legislature will convene January 3, 2001, and the City desires to establish general statements of its positions on matters that may become the subject of or be affected by proposed legislation during the year 2001 Session; NOW, THEREFORE,




That the City Council of Kansas City hereby adopts the following priorities and positions on matters that may come before the Missouri General Assembly during its year 2001 Session:


1. Funding for Kansas City projects


Kansas City will seek funding for a major public capital improvement project and will also seek to maximize opportunities for state funding of other important Kansas City projects including, but not limited to, Bartle Hall Convention Center, Truman Sports Complex, transportation funding (including public mass transit), storm water grants, completion of Kansas City River Heritage Trail, sanitary sewer grants, landmarks parks, and others. Governmental relations and lobbying activities will include increased awareness of state grants that fund projects and programs, which benefit Kansas City, Missouri.


Kansas City supports continued and increased ongoing funding for other entities including: Truman Medical Center, The Childrens Mercy Hospital, Western Missouri Mental Health Center, local programs serving older adults and the disabled, Mid-America Regional Council, University of Missouri - Kansas City, the Metropolitan Community College District, area public schools districts, the Human Rights Commission and Amtrak.



2. Economic development


The City supports the continuation of Tax Increment Financing and opposes limiting the types of development or the existing tax base and any change that might put Kansas City at a competitive disadvantage with cities in neighboring states.


The City supports Community Improvement District legislation to correct minor technical matters.


The City supports expanding the funding authority of the Missouri Development Finance Board to encourage continued support of business development and retention activities in Kansas City, Missouri.


The City supports modifying state sales and use tax exemptions to include locally owned airlines.


The City supports protecting Missouri State Historic Preservation Tax Credits and will oppose any proposals to cap the amount of such tax credits.


The City supports efforts to obtain substantially expanded funding for Brownfields redevelopment incentives and programs.


The City supports initiatives to encourage the development of the Central Industrial District, commonly referred to as the West Bottoms.


The City supports redefining the boundaries of the Rebuilding Communities Program and the Neighborhood Preservation Act.


The City supports allowing tax credits for construction on new market-rate housing in the Citys Downtown area.


The City supports state funding assistance for street improvements for development of the Citys 87th Street corridor.


The City supports expansion of the New Jobs Training Program to include health and professional service companies as eligible recipients and to allow for pooled issuances of training certificates for employers who are expanding employment and creating sufficient withholding taxes to support the issuance of such certificates.


3. Tobacco Settlement


The City advocates that a portion of the tobacco settlement proceeds be used by the State for research in the life and plant sciences field, and that such allocation be made available through a grant process administered by a peer review panel. The allocation of funds should also include tobacco use prevention and cessation programs.


4. Blighted property


Kansas City encourages the examination and modification of appropriate statutes to expedite the process for ridding neighborhoods and business districts of blighted and abandoned buildings.


5. Neighborhood Initiatives


Missouri Housing Trust Fund The City supports increased funding for the Missouri Housing Trust Fund.


6. Transportation / Public Transit


The City supports appropriate state assistance for the development of Richards-Gebaur as an international inter-modal transportation center.


The City supports a comprehensive, multi-modal transportation plan for Missouri and encourages innovative funding strategies, including bonding, along with the allocation of equitable funding for the Kansas City area.


The City supports increased operating assistance for public transportation to compensate for reduced federal funding, and supports funding proposals for area highways and public transportation as recommended by the Governor-appointed Total Transportation Commission.


The City supports looking at funding opportunities for the expansion of the Grand Avenue Viaduct from two lanes to four lanes leading from the River Market to Richard L. Berkley Riverfront Park.


The City supports exploration of initial funding to study the need for an additional bridge across the Missouri River to decrease commuter congestion.


7. Other areas of interest


Affirmative Action The City opposes legislation similar to California Proposition 209, which would limit affirmative action programs.


Unscrupulous Lending The City supports efforts evidenced by HB 1144 considered during the 2000 Legislative Session to strengthen laws related to unscrupulous lending in home improvement projects.


Local Taxing Authority The City encourages enabling legislation which would grant local governments increased freedom and authority to propose increases, changes and innovative plans for taxation, licenses and fees directly to locally affected voters.


Sunshine Law The City supports inclusion of a provision in Section 610.120 RSMo that allows the City Auditor of any home rule charter city served by a municipal division of the circuit court and by a police department under the control of a board of police commissioners appointed by the Governor, to audit the work of its municipal division courts, police department and any department of the city handling work of the municipal division courts.


Environmental Remediation The City encourages legislation to place responsibility on corporations for environmental compliance and remediation at their franchised locations (such as shared responsibility for underground tank removals at franchised gasoline service stations).

Recreational Trails Fund The City supports the Missouri Parks and Recreation Association in requesting legislation to reserve a portion of the state tax on non-highway recreational fuels and deposit it in a recreational trails fund or local parks trust fund for developing and maintaining of trails and for other parks and recreation uses by counties and municipalities.


Liability of Landowners The City supports protection for landowners from civil liability if an owner lets property be used by others for recreation purposes without charging a fee for profit..


Utility Deregulation and Gross Receipts Tax The City opposes utility deregulation that in any way would reduce revenue for the City; supports it in any way that would result in cost savings to the City; opposes legislation which would change revenue collections based upon gross receipts generated by utility companies to avoid erosion of such revenue sources; and supports legislation to enforce utility registration.


City-operated Summer Camp Programs The City supports State licensing of summer camp programs for children, but encourages the exemption of local government operated programs from such licensing requirements.


Utility Cut Regulations The City supports legislation that requires utilities to pay fees for the privilege of making street cuts which more accurately reflect the actual diminished usable life and value of the street caused by such cuts.


Zoo License Plates The City supports legislation to authorization special vehicle license plates which support publicly-owned zoos.


911 Funding The City supports the imposition of fees for use of wireless communication services to support 911 programs.


Driving While Intoxicated or Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs The City supports the toughening of laws prohibiting driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs to reflect recently adopted federal standards and the findings of the Citys DUI Task Force.


Taxpayer Confidentiality The City supports legislation which would ensure the confidential treatment of City taxpayer records and information in conformance with the rules applicable to federal and state agencies while maintaining conformance with the Sunshine Law.


Seat Belts The City supports a primary seat belt law to authorize police to stop vehicles to determine compliance with mandatory seat belt and passenger restraint use laws.


Right of Way Control The City opposes legislation which in any way would lessen the authority and right of municipalities to control the use of municipality-owned rights of way.


Core Public Health The City supports legislation which would fund, strengthen and support essential services and the infrastructure to provide and monitor the status of the health care for and general health condition of the citizens of Kansas City.


PRIMO The City supports the PRIMO plan to alleviate the shortage of adequate dental care in Missouri as set out in HB 1336 considered during the 2000 Legislative Session.


Printing Industry The City supports the plan set forth in HB 1960 considered during the 2000 Legislative Session to eliminate double taxation on printing processes.


Police Pay The City supports the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department pay bill.