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Legislation #: 951219 Introduction Date: 8/31/1995
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Title: Repealing Resolution No. 900212, as amended, in its entirety and enacting in lieu thereof this resolution establishing a new plan for the administration of the Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund.

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Repealing Resolution No. 900212, as amended, in its entirety and enacting in lieu thereof this resolution establishing a new plan for the administration of the Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund.


WHEREAS, the convention and tourism tax was approved by the electorate on February 6, 1990; and


WHEREAS, in accordance with state law, the City has established the Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund; and


WHEREAS, Committee Substitute for Resolution No. 900212, as amended, was adopted by the Council on February 19, 1990, establishing a plan for the administration of the Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund and the Council intends to modify the plan by directing a portion of the funds to the construction of the sports complex; and


WHEREAS, Committee Substitute for Resolution No. 920232, as amended, which was adopted by the Council on May 7, 1992, is hereby reaffirmed as to the procedures and any related issues of the Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. That Committee Substitute for Resolution No. 900212, as amended, is repealed.


Section 2. That the Council hereby establishes the following plan for the administration of the Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund:


1. A Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund Committee of fifteen members is hereby established, consisting of:


a. two persons from each Council district, each to be appointed by his or her

respective Council representative;


b. two representatives of the convention and tourism industry, one to be

affiliated with a major area tourist attraction and one to be affiliated with the

hotel industry, both to be appointed by the Mayor; and


c. one representative from the community at-large, to be appointed by the



All members shall be residents of Kansas City and shall serve one year terms, expiring at the end of each fiscal year except that the first members shall serve terms expiring with the terms of the current Mayor and City Council. The members of the Committee shall elect a chairperson from their membership. The purpose of the Committee will be to review proposals and make recommendations to the Council on the disbursement of the funds.


a. The Committee shall meet as often as necessary to review proposals for



b. Recommendations on the disbursement of funds shall be made quarterly

during the first (fiscal) year, and annually thereafter. The annual

disbursement process shall be included with the Manager's budget package.


c. Disbursements shall be made in the following manner:


1) Twenty-five percent (25%) shall be used for purposes directly related

to the upkeep of or lease improvement to the sports complex; and


2) Seventy-five percent (75%) shall be divided as follows: six shares,

which shall represent 70% to be divided equally among the six

councilmanic districts, and one share of 30% to be reserved for

neighborhood tourism events that span district lines.


2. In accordance with the general purpose of the fund to promote neighborhoods, through cultural, social, ethnic, historic, educational and recreational activities, the

following guidelines for project selection are hereby established:


a. Projects should have appeal to local residents as well as to tourists;


b. Projects should attract persons who would not otherwise plan to be in Kansas

City, as well as interest those who are visiting for other purposes;


c. Projects should not reflect or enhance political parties, candidates or political

office holders;


d. Capital projects may be considered if such projects are consistent with all

other guidelines herein and funding for the planning, maintenance, and

staffing of the capital projects from sources other than the Fund are outlined

in the applications;


e. Proposals which include hiring staff, securing consultant/planning services,

or market studies are prohibited;


f. Proposals which include advertising should be encouraged, and such

advertising may take the form of brochures, advertisements in travel

literature, electronic presentations, etc.;


g. Proposals which request funds to supplant operating costs currently publicly-supported, should not be considered;


h. Those proposals which are designed to generate funds which might alleviate

the need for future City subsidy are preferred;


i. In order to maximize tourist participation, projects which have been

coordinated with the convention and tourism industry are encouraged;


j. Proposals which provide for the maintenance of capital projects, including

tourist attractions, are prohibited.


3. In accordance with the state requirements, these funds must be provided to not-for-profit neighborhood organizations which are incorporated in the State of Missouri and located within city limits. An eligible applicant must also meet the following



a. Must have as a part of its mission, neighborhood and community

development priorities, or tourism promotion.


b. Must demonstrate that it encourages broad based citizen input and



This fund is intended to assist groups and projects as defined herein, as well as

umbrella organizations and development corporations which meet these tests. It is

not designed to fund the normal ongoing activities of individual block clubs and

homes associations.


c. Any organization funded is subject to, and must conform with the provisions

of Administrative Regulation No. 3-30, entitled "Contracts with Non-Municipal Agencies".


4. The Neighborhood and Community Services Department will be designated to provide staff support to the Neighborhood Tourist Development activities, by

assisting the Committee and by administering and monitoring all projects funded by

this activity. The Council expresses its desire that if the proper administration of this

Fund requires staff in excess of that currently budgeted, the need be met by the

addition of staff.