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Legislation #: 130659 Introduction Date: 8/29/2013
Type: Ordinance Effective Date: none
Sponsor: None
Title: Reducing an appropriation in the Capital Improvements Fund in the amount of $3,818,912.00; appropriating that amount to accounts in the Capital Improvements Fund for City-wide and in-district improvements throughout Kansas City; and recognizing an emergency.

Legislation History
8/29/2013 Filed by the Clerk's office
8/29/2013 Referred to Transportation & Infrastructure Committee
9/5/2013 Advance and Do Pass as a Committee Substitute, Debate
9/5/2013 Passed as Substituted

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Reducing an appropriation in the Capital Improvements Fund in the amount of $3,818,912.00; appropriating that amount to accounts in the Capital Improvements Fund for City-wide and in-district improvements throughout Kansas City; and recognizing an emergency.

WHEREAS, Council Districts One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six and City-wide have cancelled and/or completed projects with remaining funds that can be used to further capital improvement needs throughout Kansas City; and

WHEREAS, the additional funding will allow individual projects that are in the study, design and construction phase to move forward; NOW, THEREFORE,


Section 1. That the appropriation in the following accounts of the Capital Improvements Fund are hereby reduced by the following amounts:

14-3090-808105-B-89003530 NE 48th & N Bristol SD 21002 $ 82,500.00

14-3090-808108-B-89003767 NE 32nd St. & N Garfield Avenue 65,000.00

14-3090-808108-B-89003566 NE 39th St. & Prather Rd. Sewer 20,000.00

14-3090-808108-B-89003730 NE 52nd and NE Randolph Road 28,000.00

14-3090-808108-B-89003768 NE 55th St. & N Bennington Avenue 167,000.00

14-3090-808108-B-89003453 NE 68th St. & N Belmont Avenue 136,000.00

14-3090-808108-B-89003727 135th & Cherry Street (Sewer Main) 75,000.00

14-3090-898107-B-89060355 NE Chouteau Parkway (46th to 47th) 50,029.00

14-3090-898101-B-89020213 Brookhill Speed Humps 2,500.00

14-3090-898101-B-89007557 Streetlight Copper theft CD1 65,000.00

14-3090-898107-B-89002909 Vivion Rd. Phase 2 – YMCA to D 477.00

TOTAL $ 691,506.00


14-3090-808208-B-89003400 NE 88th & N Lathrop SD 22092 $ 49,423.00

14-3090-898201-B-89007574 Streetlight N Central & 100th 1,161.00

14-3090-898207-B-89060336 630 NE 96th Terrace Curb 1,434.00

14-3090-896201-B-89008071 Vivion Road Improvements 4,540.00

14-3090-898201-C-89004625 N Congress Flashing Light 5,516.00

TOTAL $ 62,074.00


14-3090-898307-A-89060273 24th St - Chelsea to Brighton $ 952.00

14-3090-898307-A-89060271 2800 Block of Perry Ave. 2,499.00

14-3090-898307-A-89060343 39th Street from Jackson-Elmwood 6,470.00

14-3090-898307-A-89060272 Wabash from 34th to 35th St. 4,843.00

14-3090-898307-A-89060270 Bellefontaine – 34th to 35th St. 2,478.00

14-3090-898301-B-89007568 2615 E 25th Street 2,645.00

14-3090-898301-B-89007562 3100 Block of Perry Lighting 835.00

14-3090-898301-B-89007567 Van Brunt between 2810 to 2812 2,645.00

14-3090-708309-B-70134907 Cleveland Park 20,658.00

14-3090-708309-B-70045213 Freeway Park Shelter 33,943.00

14-3090-708309-B-70094717 Liberty Park 20.00

14-3090-708309-B-70124905 Seven Oaks Park Curbs/Sidewalk 36,965.00

14-3090-808308-B-81000309 CIMO Sanitary Sewer Outfall 41,556.00

14-3090-808308-B-89003372 Leeds Rd. & Hunter Ave. SD 100 109,995.00

14-3090-898307-B-89060223 20th and Prospect Sidewalks 51.00

14-3090-898307-B-89060273 24th St – Chelsea to Brighton 45,158.00

14-3090-898307-B-89060271 2800 Block of Perry Avenue 73,055.00

14-3090-898307-B-89060346 31st St. from Mersington – Myrtle 323.00

14-3090-898307-B-89060354 35th and Kensington 98.00

14-3090-898307-B-89060353 36th St. and Kensington 452.00

14-3090-898307-B-89060343 39th Street from Jackson-Elmwood 13,652.00

14-3090-898307-B-89060345 College from 12th St. – 13th St. 86,605.00

14-3090-898307-B-89060274 Mersington – 29th to 30th St. 3,957.00

14-3090-898307-B-89060272 Wabash from 34th to 35th St. 52,801.00

14-3090-898307-B-89060388 Walrond – 25th to 26th 173,262.00

14-3090-898307-B-89060270 Bellefontaine – 34th to 35th St. 36,117.00

14-3090-808305-B-82000124 39th & Virginia PIAC #107634 94,435.00

14-3090-808308-B-82000145 Replace catch basins & inlets 150,632.00

14-3090-808305-B-82000158 Catch Basin Replacement & Drain 268,402.00


14-3090-898307-B-89060222 40th Street and Highland 78,522.00

14-3090-898301-B-89020150 Admiral – 8th – Paseo to Lydia alley 4,212.00

14-3090-898301-B-89008188 Askew & Monroe alley repave 26,000.00

14-3090-898307-B-89060275 Woodland from 31st St. to Linwood Blvd. 78,013.00

14-3090-898307-C-89060223 20th and Prospect Sidewalks 19.00

14-3090-898307-C-89060346 31st St. from Mersington – Myrtle 10.00

14-3090-898307-C-89060343 39th Street from Jackson-Elmwood 489.00

14-3090-898307-C-89060274 Mersington – 29th to 30th St. 16.00

14-3090-898307-C-89060272 Wabash from 34th to 35th St. 309.00

14-3090-898307-C-89060270 Bellefontaine – 34th to 35th St. 370.00

TOTAL $1,453,464.00


14-3090-898401-A-89008222 27th St. Ponding Improvements $ 3.00

14-3090-898404-A-64007516 Westport Lighting 270.00

14-3090-848401-A-89020177 3123 Gillham Alley 4.00

14-3090-898401-A-89020179 3800 Blk, Pennsylvania-Washington 3.00

14-3090-848401-A-89004691 46th/Main Pedestrian Beacon 812.00

14-3090-898401-A-89020178 6000 Block of Cherry & Kenwood 2.00

14-3090-848401-A-89004700 Brookside Parking Signage 2,000.00

14-3090-898407-A-89060258 26th Street Streetscape 4.00

14-3090-708409-B-70139903 Armour Blvd. Bike Lanes 21,588.00

14-3090-708409-B-70139902 McGee Street from 18th to 19th 15,000.00

14-3090-898401-B-89004485 Meyer Boulevard Crosswalk Light 100,000.00

14-3090-898401-B-89020176 Grand and Walnut from 20th to 12th 12,500.00

14-3090-898401-B-89004662 18th-19th McGee Pole & Light 1,710.00

14-3090-898407-B-89060348 55th St. – Central to Wyandotte 2,448.00

14-3090-898401-B-89008222 27th St. Ponding Improvements 10.00

14-3090-898401-B-89004691 46th/Main Pedestrian Beacon 1,800.00

14-3090-898404-B-89004493 Main and 63rd Pedestrian Signals 6,000.00

14-3090-898401-B-89008203 63rd Street Master Plan 2,000.00

14-3090-898401-B-89004692 Wornall and Meyer Blvd. 5,945.00

14-3090-898404-B-89004641 Westport Crossing 16,366.00

14-3090-898404-B-64007516 Westport Lighting 2,598.00

14-3090-898407-B-89060372 51st and Oak 222.00

14-3090-898401-C-89004700 Brookside Parking Signage 1,591.00

TOTAL $ 192,876.00


14-3090-898507-A-89060255 Timber Valley Subdivision Phase I $ 10.00

14-3090-898501-A-89008143 Phelps Road 17,128.00

14-3090-808508-B-810B0292 56th & Bennington Sanitary Sewer 47,519.00

14-3090-808508-B-89003450 82nd & James A Reed Rd. 110,500.00

14-3090-898501-B-89008203 63rd Street Master Plan 1,983.00

14-3090-898507-B-89060065 58th Street Corner Repair 9,596.00

14-3090-898507-B-89060064 60th Terr. Sidewalks from 4246 37.00

14-3090-898501-B-89008143 Phelps Road 9,978.00

14-3090-898507-B-89060255 Timber Valley Subdivision Phase 1 2.00

14-3090-898507-C-89060064 60th Terr. Sidewalks from 4246 13.00

14-3090-898501-C-89004489 Gregory & James A. Reed Flasher 13,575.00

14-3090-898501-C-89008143 Phelps Road 386.00

TOTAL $ 210,727.00


14-3090-898607-A-89060266 92nd – Stark to Wallace Sidewalk $ 3,456.00

14-3090-898607-A-89060287 Ruskin Way-Blue Ridge to Spring Valley 6,341.00

14-3090-898607-A-89060363 Ruskin Way- Blue Rdg-111th Terr. 11,670.00

14-3090-898607-A-89060364 Ruskin Way-111th Terr. To Crystal 6,471.00

14-3090-898607-A-89060367 Ruskin Way-Greenwood to Spring Valley 6,729.00

14-3090-898607-A-89060366 Ruskin Way-Sycamore/Greenwood 91.00

14-3090-808605-B-89003749 Mission Lake – 12342-50 Charlotte 134,737.00

14-3090-808608-B-89003727 135th & Cherry St. Sewer Main 43,000.00

14-3090-898607-B-89060266 92nd – Stark to Wallace Sidewalk 49,289.00

14-3090-898607-B-89060350 Blue Ridge Blvd. Sidewalks 26,447.00

14-3090-898607-B-89060284 Blue Ridge Design 99th – 107th 68,000.00

14-3090-808605-B-89003809 8216 to 8218 Ruskin Way Drainage 227.00

14-3090-808605-B-89003840 104th Terrace and  Walnut Drive 720.00

14-3090-808605-B-82000114 90th and Grand Construction 42,390.00

14-3090-808605-A-82000181 Ruskin Way II bio swale 557.00

14-3090-808605-B-82000181 Ruskin Way II bio swale 7,820.00

14-3090-808605-B-82000115 Holmes and Martha Truman Road 400,000.00

14-3090-898607-B-89060286 Blue Ridge – 107th to Red Bridge Road 55,000.00

14-3090-898607-B-89060288 Oak Walking Trail 282.00

14-3090-898605-B-89003521 Duke Gibson Drive 10,361.00

14-3090-898607-B-89060287 Ruskin Way-Blue Ridge to Spring Valley 88,644.00

14-3090-898607-B-89060363 Ruskin Way-Blue Rdg-111th Terr. 86.00

14-3090-898607-B-89060364 Ruskin Way-111th Terr. to Crystal 2,099.00

14-3090-898607-B-89060367 Ruskin Way-Greenwood to Spring Valley 2,303.00

14-3090-898607-B-89060366 Ruskin Way-Sycamore/Greenwood 2,312.00

14-3090-898607-B-89060283 Troost 88th -89th Sidewalk 31,163.00

14-3090-898607-C-89060266 92nd – Stark to Wallace Sidewalk 1,175.00

14-3090-898607-C-89060287 Ruskin Way-Blue Ridge to Spring Valley 186.00

14-3090-898607-C-89060363 Ruskin Way-Blue Ridge-111th Terr. 211.00

14-3090-898607-C-89060364 Ruskin Way-111th Terr. To Crystal 358.00

14-3090-898607-C-89060367 Ruskin Way-Greenwood to Spring Valley 431.00

14-3090-898607-C-89060366 Ruskin Way-Sycamore/Greenwood 435.00

TOTAL $1,002,991.00


14-3090-897731-B-89004691 46th/Main Pedestreian Beacon $ 6,275.00

14-3090-898074-B-89060359 UMKC Phase 3 94,940.00

14-3090-898014-B-89008225 Intersections W Pennway/20th Street 104,059.00

TOTAL $ 205,274.00


Section 2. That the sum of $3,367,198.00 is hereby appropriated from the Unappropriated Fund Balance of the Capital Improvements Fund to the following accounts in the Capital Improvements Fund:


14-3090-898100-B-89009996 First District Contingency $ 691,506.00

14-3090-898200-B-89009996 Second District Contingency 62,074.00

14-3090-898300-B-89009996 Third District Contingency 1,453,464.00

14-3090-898400-B-89009996 Fourth District Contingency 192,876.00

14-3090-898500-B-89009996 Fifth District Contingency 210,727.00

14-3090-898600-B-89009996 Sixth District Contingency 1,002,991.00

14-3090-898700-B-89009996 Citywide Contingency 205,274.00

TOTAL $3,818,912.00

Section 3. That this ordinance is recognized as an emergency measure within the provisions of Section 503 of the City Charter in that it appropriates money, and shall take effect in accordance with that section.



I hereby certify that there is a balance, otherwise unencumbered, to the credit of the appropriation to which the foregoing expenditure is to be charged, and a cash balance, otherwise unencumbered, in the treasury, to the credit of the fund from which payment is to be made, each sufficient to meet the obligation hereby incurred.




Randall J. Landes

Director of Finance


Approved as to form and legality:




Nelson Munoz

Assistant City Attorney