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Legislation #: 140692 Introduction Date: 8/21/2014
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Sponsor: None
Title: Declaring the City’s intentions with regard to the Bainbridge, Georgian Courts, and Linda Vista apartments.

Legislation History
8/21/2014 Filed by the Clerk's office
8/21/2014 Referred to Neighborhoods, Housing & Healthy Communities
8/27/2014 Hold Off Agenda
10/22/2014 Immediate Adoption as a Committee Substitute
10/23/2014 Adopted as Substituted

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Declaring the City’s intentions with regard to the Bainbridge, Georgian Courts, and Linda Vista apartments.


WHEREAS, in 2013, after years of complaints from some of the City’s neighborhoods and residents that certain properties in the Armour Boulevard Corridor were blighting their communities, the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority, at the request of the City, commissioned a study to determine whether the Bainbridge, Georgian Courts and Linda Vista apartment buildings (the Properties) created a social blight in Kansas City; and


WHEREAS, the blight study found that there was social blight at the Properties, and surrounding the Properties, citing crime statistics; and


WHEREAS, the PIEA submitted the blight study to the City Plan Commission for approval; and


WHEREAS, representatives of Eagle Point/AB properties (Eagle Point) , the owner and manager of the Properties, appeared at the City Plan Commission hearing objecting to the blight study and requesting a continuance of the hearing so that they could prepare a defense to it; and


WHEREAS, officials with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) also objected to the blight study; and


WHEREAS, the City Plan Commission has held the consideration of the blight study off the docket and has not conducted a hearing on it; and


WHEREAS, representatives of the City and of Eagle Point met for several months to try to find ways to improve and resolve the issues brought to the City’s attention; and


WHEREAS, the City has reached the conclusion that the blight study will not achieve the effect hoped for by its proponents, and other methods may have a more lasting, positive impact on these communities; and


WHEREAS, the City wants to open the channels of communication among the stakeholders on these issues to devise methods and solutions to improve the lives of residents on, and surrounding the Armour Boulevard Corridor; and


WHEREAS, the City would like to assure Eagle Point and HUD that it does not intend to take any actions that would intentionally harm their interests, and would like to assure the neighborhoods in the Armour Boulevard Corridor that it will continue to try to remedy the issues that they have raised by taking actions that are within the City’s powers and authority; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. That the Council declares the following intentions with regard to the Properties:


a. The City will not pursue a blight study for the Properties.


b. The City will take no actions to effect an involuntary refinancing of the Properties.


c. The City will attempt to convene a meeting(s) of all interested stakeholders, with a neutral facilitator, to discuss the issues regarding the Properties that led to the commissioning of the blight study; invitees to this meeting will include representatives from the Hyde Park neighborhood, representatives of the tenants in the Properties, representatives of the Police Department, representatives of HUD, and representatives from the City and Eagle Point.


Section 2. That the City will continue to try to remedy the issues that have been raised regarding the Properties, particularly the issue of crime, by taking actions that are within the City’s powers and authority.