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Legislation #: 011143 Introduction Date: 8/2/2001
Type: Ordinance Effective Date: 8/19/2001
Sponsor: None
Title: Transferring prior year appropriations into current year appropriations for projects that are still open.

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Transferring prior year appropriations into current year appropriations for projects that are still open.




Section 1. That the sum of $408,538.00 is hereby appropriated from the Unappropriated Fund Balance of the Revolving Public Improvement Fund into the following accounts in the Revolving Public Improvement Fund:


02-319-089-6120-T Sidewalks-Norledge/Gladstone-N Clinton $ 1,669.00

02-319-089-6325-T Sidewalks-Brooklyn/36th-37th 3,977.00

02-319-089-6344-T Sidewalks-2500 Agnes 1,972.00

02-319-089-6348-T Sidewalks-27th St Troost to Forest 1,728.00

02-319-089-6363-T Sidewalks-Bennington/Truman to 15 Ter 1,568.00

02-319-089-6364-T Sidewalks-41st/Vineyard to Hardesty 1,856.00

02-319-089-6365-T Sidewalks-36th/Montgall to S Benton 1,845.00

02-319-089-6366-T Sidewalks-Cleveland/35th-36th 1,736.00

02-319-089-6367-T Sidewalks-Highland/38th to 39th 1,617.00

02-319-089-6368-T Sidewalks-Agnes/23rd to 24th 2,139.00

02-319-089-6414-T Sidewalks-Jarboe/72nd to 73rd-Ward Parkway 13,179.00

02-319-089-6416-T Sidewalks-McGee/61st to 62nd 8,753.00

02-319-089-6418-T Sidewalks-E 68th/Grand to Oak 10,523.00

02-319-089-6419-T Sidewalks-W 61st/Summit to Wornall 17,244.00

02-319-089-6420-T Sidewalks-Edgevale/66th-66th Terr 2,992.00

02-319-089-6421-T Sidewalks-Morningside/62nd to 63rd 5,045.00

02-319-089-6422-T Sidewalks-Main/Morningside to 62nd 12,933.00

02-319-089-6423-T Sidewalks-77th/Troost to Lydia 1,830.00

02-319-089-6460-T Sidewalks-Locust/Cherry to 54th 2,703.00

02-319-089-6461-T Sidewalks-Cherry/54th to Locust 2,672.00

02-319-089-6462-T Sidewalks-Cherry/54th to 55th 4,992.00

02-319-089-6463-T Sidewalks-54th/Cherry to Holmes 3,179.00

02-319-089-6464-T Sidewalks-54th/Oak to Locust 2,812.00

02-319-089-6465-T Sidewalks-54th/Locust to Cherry 3,207.00

02-319-089-6466-T Sidewalks-Locust/54th to 55th 3,151.00

02-319-089-6467-T Sidewalks-69th/Main to Grand 6,341.00

02-319-089-6468-T Sidewalks-69th/Main to Brookside 8,008.00

02-319-089-6469-T Sidewalks-McGee/59th to 60th 5,289.00

02-319-089-6470-T Sidewalks-McGee/60th to 61st 5,485.00

02-319-089-6471-T Sidewalks-McGee/62nd to 63rd 5,272.00

02-319-089-6472-T Sidewalks-62nd/Penn to Summit 7,142.00

02-319-089-6473-T Sidewalks-62nd Ter/Wornall to Penn 8,294.00

02-319-089-6474-T Sidewalks-70th/Ward Parkway-Valley 6,704.00

02-319-089-6475-T Sidewalks-57th Ter/Ward Parkway-Belleview 4,413.00

02-319-089-6476-T Sidewalks-58th Ter/Pennsylvania-Summit 6,465.00

02-319-089-6477-T Janssen Place NID 53,056.00

02-319-089-6478-T Sidewalks-Walnut/60th to 61st 6,323.00

02-319-089-6479-T Sidewalks-58th Ter/Wornall to Pennsylvania 6,818.00

02-319-089-6480-T Sidewalks-Wyandotte/Meyer-65th 6,093.00

02-319-089-6481-T Sidewalks-67th/Main to Grand 5,984.00

02-319-089-6482-T Sidewalks-Troost Streetscape-PH 5 4,491.00

02-319-089-6483-T Sidewalks-Wayne/74th to 75th 3,403.00

02-319-089-6527-T Sidewalks-Garfield/50th to 51st 5,327.00

02-319-089-6528-T Sidewalks-Spruce/43rd to 44th 6,528.00

02-319-089-6545-T Sidewalks-Bellefontaine/74th to 75th 1,677.00

02-319-089-6546-T Sidewalks-Wabash/73rd to 74th 1,775.00

02-319-089-6547-T Sidewalks-College/68th to 69th 3,986.00

02-319-089-6614-T Sidewalks-106th Terr-Clev to 107th 2,511.00

02-319-089-6620-T Ret Wall 101st Terr/Holmes 103.00

02-319-089-6656-T Sidewalks-Fairwood Phase 5 1,759.00

02-319-089-6730-T Sidewalks-CityWide 96-97 ZN1 4,654.00

02-319-089-6731-T Sidewalks-CityWide 96-97 ZN2 19,919.00

02-319-089-6732-T Sidewalks-CityWide 96-97 ZN3 23,765.00

02-319-089-6733-T Sidewalks-CityWide 96-97 ZN4 10,244.00

02-319-089-7090-T Sidewalks/Annual 1995-96 59,187.00

02-319-089-7340-T Sidewalks-Wayne/38th to 39th St 1,928.00

02-319-089-7564-T Sidewalks-Cleveland/70th to 74th 272.00

TOTAL $408,538.00


Section 2. That the Director of Finance is hereby authorized to close all prior year accounts with any remaining unencumbered appropriations.




I hereby certify that there is a balance, otherwise unencumbered, to the credit of the appropriation to which the foregoing expenditure is to be charged, and a cash balance, otherwise unencumbered, in the treasury, to the credit of the fund from which payment is to be made, each sufficient to meet the obligation hereby incurred.




Director of Finance


Approved as to form and legality:




Assistant City Attorney