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Legislation #: 190968 Introduction Date: 11/14/2019
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Title: Establishing the City of Kansas City’s legislative major priorities and positions on matters for the 2020 session of the Missouri General Assembly.

Legislation History
11/13/2019 Filed by the Clerk's office
11/14/2019 Referred to Finance, Governance and Public Safety Committee
12/4/2019 Hold On Agenda (12/11/2019)
12/11/2019 Immediate Adoption Second Committee Substitute
12/12/2019 Councilmember McManus (Second by Fowler) Move to Amend
12/12/2019 Councilmember McManus (Second by Fowler) Move to Advance
12/12/2019 Passed as Second Substitute as Amended

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Establishing the City of Kansas City’s legislative major priorities and positions on matters for the 2020 session of the Missouri General Assembly.


WHEREAS, the Missouri General Assembly will convene on January 8, 2020; and


WHEREAS, the City has engaged in a process to identify its major priorities and positions for the General Assembly; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1.  MAJOR PRIORITIES. That the City adopts the following major priorities on matters that may come before the 2020 session of the Missouri General Assembly:


1.      Earnings Tax. Oppose any effort to undermine the Earnings Tax and support the extension of the Earnings Tax renewal period to strengthen the City’s bond rating.


2.      Public Safety. Support legislation that addresses violent crime prevention efforts and support legislation that addresses our regional jail and corrections needs.


3.      Affordable Housing. Re-establish support for low income housing tax credits and enhance support for programs that incentivize the production and preservation of affordable housing units.


4.      Medicaid Transformation. Support expansion and reform of the Missouri HealthNet (Medicaid) program to increase health care coverage for the region’s most vulnerable populations and reduce costs of uncompensated emergency care to hospital and safety net providers.


5.      Transportation Funding. Support efforts to raise new revenues and allow state funding to address all current and future transportation needs, including the provision of zero-fare transit and expanded bus service so KCATA can better serve Kansas City’s workforce and employers.


6.      Preemption. Oppose any efforts to undermine local control for Kansas City, including any new state requirement or state budget decision that does not include adequate state funding.


7.      Economic Development Incentives. Support existing state economic development tools. 


8.      Workforce Development and Education. Increase state investments in local degree and credential granting institutions and training programs that prepare Missouri workers for high-demand, high wage jobs.


9.      Expanding Access to Democracy. Support legislation which allows for early voting and same day voter registration.


10.  Buck O’Neil Bridge. Support state funding for the Buck O’Neil Bridge and oppose any reduction in the state’s funding commitment.


11.  Discriminatory Laws. Oppose legislation that would be reasonably viewed as discriminatory toward any citizen of the State of Missouri and harmful to its economy and support legislative efforts to provide additional protections under the Missouri Human Rights Act, such as the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act (MONA), to prohibit discrimination in employment and housing.  


12.  Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. Support legislation to create a strong statewide prescription drug monitoring program that will effectively function with county and local efforts.


13.  Promoting Tax Uniformity in the Accommodation Industry. Support amending Missouri Revised Statutes Sections 92.325, 92.327 and 92.331 to ensure residential dwelling rentals are subject to the same tax obligations as similarly situated accommodation providers.


14.  Sales and Use Tax Parity (e-commerce). In the wake of South Dakota v. Wayfair Inc., Chapter 144 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri should be amended to ensure that Missouri eliminates the disparity in tax rates (both sale and use; local and state) collected by in-state local businesses and out-of-state sellers, specifically ensuring the collection of tax on internet purchases, without a rollback of existing tax rates.


15.  Sales Tax Cap. The city opposes any efforts to enact sales tax cap legislation, especially any legislation that puts the city in competition with other jurisdictions in a race to the ballot box.


16.  Receiverships for Vacant Property. Support amending Missouri Revised Statutes Section 82.1026 to provide that the receivership remedy applies to vacant nuisance properties.


17.  Medical Marijuana. Support state legislation that creates an equitable licensing program designed to increase ownership participation among communities that have historically been negatively impacted by the war on drugs and that includes a scoring bonus of ten percent for minority and women's business enterprise applicants.


Section 2.  POSITIONS. That the City adopts the following positions on matters that may come before the 2020 session of the Missouri General Assembly:


Finance and Governance


1.      Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement. Support efforts to pass enabling legislation to enter into a Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement (SSUTA) to the extent necessary to increase use tax collections from out of state sellers.


2.      Tort Liability. Support amending Missouri Revised Statutes Section 84.330 to eliminate the City’s liability for the torts of KCPD police officers.


3.      Bid Award to Lowest and Best Bidder. Support amending Missouri Revised Statutes Section 84.330 to provide for an exception for charter cities to allow Kansas City to continue to have the sole discretion to award its contracts to the lowest and best bidder or proposer.


4.      Cable Franchise Fee. The City opposes any efforts to reduce or restrict the 5% fee it is allowed collect from video service providers providing video service in the City, without an equivalent revenue substitute. 


Neighborhoods & Healthy Communities


1.      Kansas City Health Commission. Support the 2020 Kansas City Health Commission’s Legislative Priorities. 


2.      Quality Child Care. Support efforts to increase the accessibility of full-day and full-year quality birth through Pre-K programs for all Missouri students.


3.      Public Health Funding. Support an increase in public health funding that is equitably distributed across the State of Missouri including Kansas City.


Planning, Zoning and Economic Development


1.      Entrepreneurship Support. Support efforts to incentivize Angel investors into local start-ups through Angel Investment Tax Credits and increased funding of the Missouri Technology Corporation


2.      Regional Collaboration. Support efforts to work with Kansas to build shared economic prosperity for the broader Kansas City region through the efficient and strategic deployment of state economic development incentives.


3.      Economic Development. Support efforts to provide local jurisdictions with tools and funding mechanisms for fostering economic development in distressed neighborhoods.


4.      Investment in Science and Technology. Support new business development incentives for science and technology-based businesses to increase technical capacity, focusing on entrepreneurship


5.      Video Lottery Terminals. Oppose efforts to legalize Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) in Missouri. 


6.      Film Rebate Program. Support reinstating the Missouri Film rebate program as a tool for economic development.


7.      Division of Tourism. Support increased funding of the Missouri Division of Tourism.


8.      International Air Service. Support a funding source available to MCI airport to incentivize international air service.


 Public Safety


1.      Protecting Citizens from Violence. Support increased funding for initiatives that will reduce violent crime in Kansas City and which support collaborations between law enforcement, public health practitioners, and community organizations to address violent crime with evidenced-based strategies.


2.      Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence. Support efforts to expand protections for victims of domestic violence, including state legislation based on Kansas City’s recently adopted ordinance relating to the unlawful carrying of concealed firearms in the City by persons who are subject to a restraining order or convicted of domestic violence.


3.      Safe Parks and Public Spaces. Support efforts that maintain and promote safe parks and public spaces for all our citizens including legislation to make celebratory gunfire in cities a state offense.


4.      Witness Protection. Support efforts to pass legislation strengthening protection for witnesses.


5.      Recidivism Reduction. Support funding of the Second Chance Risk Reduction Center and other programs created to reduce recidivism of former prisoners.


6.      911 System. Support improvement of the 911 system by allowing counties to ask voters to renew a sales tax to support the 911 system.


7.      Safe Streets. Support efforts to protect pedestrians and drivers from distracted motorists by allowing local jurisdictions to prohibit dangerous practices such as texting and driving.


8.      Municipal Court Maintenance. Support an extension for the collection of fees supporting restoration and maintenance of the municipal court house.


Section 3. OTHER ORGANIZATIONS’ POSITIONS. That the City supports the legislative positions adopted by the Kansas City Consensus Agenda for Economic Development and the ArtsKC Regional Arts Council for matters that may come before the 2020 session of the Missouri General Assembly.