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Legislation #: 060155 Introduction Date: 2/9/2006
Type: Special Action Effective Date: none
Title: Declaring February 12-18, 2006, as the Black Family Technology Awareness Week in Kansas City.

Legislation History
2/6/2006 Filed by the Clerk's office
2/9/2006 Adopted

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Declaring February 12-18, 2006, as the Black Family Technology Awareness Week in Kansas City.


WHEREAS, the Black Family Technology Awareness Association of Kansas City (BFTAA) is working to ensure that every black family has access to a personal computer and the internet primarily in their homes, the educational tools that will enhance computer literacy, and software and content in order to stay productive; and


WHEREAS, BFTAAs mission is to close the digital divide by helping to bridge the gap between our nations black families and technology with a vision to empower black families by technology; and


WHEREAS, a few of the goals of BFTAA are to reach and mobilize 1,000 families during awareness week to learn about benefits of technology, continuing to raise the knowledge level of black families of the importance of computers and technology, while also increasing availability to those who need it, empowering and fully equipping families with the resources needed to become actively involved with the technology revolution. BFTAA intends to assist the process by working with faith-based organizations, corporations with a strong presence in the community, small businesses, resource centers, such as schools and libraries, and city and state government agencies; and


WHEREAS, BFTAA will honor Present Day Technology Leaders and Pioneers who helped shape technology for the future and use or promote technology in innovative and creative ways; NOW, THEREFORE,




That the Mayor and Council hereby declare February 12-18, 2005, as the first Black Family Technology Awareness Week in Kansas City; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Resolution be spread upon the Minutes of the Council in testimony thereof and that a copy hereof be presented to Lewis Walker, Phillip Vann, Ruth Ramsey, Sherry Lumpkins, Jackie Ramey, Claresta Lewis, Tracy Brunston, Dee Williams, George Ochieng, and Theresa Adair with the appreciation of the Mayor, Council and citizens of Kansas City for helping to bridge the gap between the black families in this community and technology.