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Legislation #: 141019 Introduction Date: 12/4/2014
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Title: Establishing the City of Kansas City’s positions on matters that may arise during the 2015 session of the Missouri General Assembly.

Legislation History
12/4/2014 Filed by the Clerk's office
12/4/2014 Immediate Adoption of Resolution
12/4/2014 Councilmember Marcason (Second by Sharp) Move To Hold On Docket
12/4/2014 Held on Docket (12/11/2014)
12/11/2014 Adopted

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Establishing the City of Kansas City’s positions on matters that may arise during the 2015 session of the Missouri General Assembly.


WHEREAS, the Missouri General Assembly will convene on January 7, 2015; and


WHEREAS, the City has engaged in a process to identify its positions on matters expected to come before the General Assembly; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. CITY POSITIONS. That the City adopts the following positions on matters that may come before the 2015 session of the General Assembly, and opposes any efforts to erode local control of municipal services:


Finance & Governance


1.                  Earnings Tax. Support legislation that extends the length of time between required elections to at least 20 years.


2.                  Streamlined Sales and Use Tax. Support legislation for Missouri to enter into the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement which has been adopted by twenty-four states.


3.                  Direct Deposit for Employees. Amend state law to allow exceptions to the Missouri minimum wage law to include direct deposit and payroll cards as acceptable forms of payment for all City employees.


4.                  Police Officer Tort Liability. Amend state law to eliminate City liability for the torts of KCPD police officers since there is already a cause of action against KCPD, resulting in a double recovery; and maintain current state law regarding the State Legal Expense Fund and the Attorney General’s defense of KCPD claims.


5.                  Sunshine Law – Modify Section 610.021, RSMo, by adding a new subsection which protects individually identifiable account information from public disclosure.


Economic Development


1.                  Life Sciences. Oppose all legislation that would restrict the development of the life sciences in Missouri, including proposals to limit Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer research, aimed at developing more effective therapies and cures for disease and disability.


2.                  Urban Agriculture. Support expansion of eligible businesses that can receive incentives for job creation and economic impact activities to include urban agriculture firms.


3.                  Port Authority. Support efforts that will encourage trade through Kansas City’s Port.


4.                  Liquor License Fees. Support legislation to allow municipalities to set liquor license fees at rates that support operations and staffing, enforcement capabilities, business growth and employment opportunities desired by citizens.


Public Safety


1.                  Armed Offender Docket. Support the creation of an armed offender docket in Kansas City for the prosecution of cases involving the unlawful use of weapons.


2.                  Airport Police Officers. Support legislation which would designate airport police officers as statutory peace officers.


3.                  Emergency Medical Technicians. Support legislation, similar to that afforded to other health professionals, that protects emergency medical technicians who are transporting by ambulance mental health, drug, or alcohol patients.


4.                  Cooperative Law Enforcement. Oppose efforts to make it illegal for federal, state and local law enforcement to work cooperatively to reduce violent crime and other serious criminal activity.


5.                  Emergency Preparedness and Response. Support legislation to provide additional funding for public health emergency preparedness.


Public Infrastructure & Transportation


1. Streetcar. Support legislation replacing the definition of “street railroad” located in §386.020(51), RSMo. with a definition of “streetcar”.


2. Amtrak. Support the continuing operation and funding of the Amtrak River Runner between Kansas City and St. Louis by the State of Missouri at its current or better level of service.


3. Public Transit. Support efforts to provide adequate state funding for public transit.


4. Water/Sewer/Stormwater Bill Collection. Oppose efforts to reduce the ability of the City to hold property owners-landlords responsible for the water services offered at their properties.


5.                  Nutrient Reduction Strategy. Support Missouri State Nutrient Reduction Strategy which will improve water quality by using science based and economically sustainable work practices.


Neighborhoods & Healthy Communities


1.                  Parks as Safe Havens. Support legislation that makes it a Class A felony to distribute a controlled substance in, on or within 1,000 feet of a public or private park.


2.                  Public Health Funding. Support legislation to increase funding to local public health agencies.


3.                  Livable Wages. Support legislation that increases the state minimum wage to a livable wage.


4.                  Payday Loans. Retain Kansas City’s authority to regulate short term loan establishments.


5.                  Tobacco Use. Support legislation designed to reduce the use of tobacco, whether smoked or chewed, and exposure to tobacco smoke, including an increase in the tobacco tax to generate important revenues for health priorities.


6.                  Food Safety. Oppose any effort to amend the Missouri law to reduce or limit the state’s current food safety guidelines.


7.                  Nurse Family Partnership Program. Support legislation that provides nonfederal funding for the Nurse Family Partnership Program.


8.                  Receiverships. Support legislative changes to the receivership statute to add additional safeguards to ensure that the nuisance and vacancy on the subject property are abated.


9.                  Nuisance actions. Support changes to the definition of “neighborhood organization” for private nuisance actions.


10.              Missouri Comprehensive State Energy Plan. Support a plan that promotes energy efficiency, ensures that energy efficiency programs provide benefits to all Missourians, develops statewide incentives to promote small business opportunities in energy efficiency, and encourages development and deployment of clean, renewable energy at the utility-scale and through distributed generation systems.


11.              Healthy Lifestyles. Support Missouri policies, practices and funding to promote physical and healthy lifestyles that best utilize existing parks and recreation facilities.


12.              Trails and Greenways. Support initiatives that enable local and state agencies to develop and promote trail connections across Missouri, including expediting the completion of the Rock Island Trail and its intersection with the Katy Trail State Park.


13.              Environmental Stewardship. Support initiatives that involve parks and recreation agencies in protecting our natural resources and creating recreational amenities through the use of “green solutions”.


14.              Education. Support legislation to reform the law allowing students who reside in unaccredited school districts to transfer to other districts to protect the fiscal solvency of both sending and receiving districts.


15.              Affordable Child Care. Maintain or broaden income eligibility for low-income, working families to qualify for Missouri’s Child Care Assistance Program and maintain or improve state reimbursement rates for child care providers.


16.              Abandoned Properties. Support legislation that would allow Kansas City to impose a graduated fee on abandoned properties based on the length of abandonment.


17.              Protecting the City’s Local Zoning Authority. The City opposes any legislation that would erode the City’s traditional zoning authority, which the City has exercised since the 1920’s.


18.              Protecting the City’s Sustainability Efforts. The City opposes restraint of its contracting or police powers related to serving the health, safety and welfare of its residents through the implementation of any sustainability initiatives.


Section 2. OTHER ORGANIZATIONS’ PRIORITIES. That the City supports the legislative positions adopted by the Downtown Council of Kansas City, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, the Mid-America Regional Council, Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City, and the Missouri Municipal League for the 2015 session of the General Assembly.