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Legislation #: 110201 Introduction Date: 3/17/2011
Type: Ordinance Effective Date: 7/31/2011
Title: Amending Sections 88-445-01-D, 88-445-11-A and 88-445-11-E of the Zoning and Development Code to alter the requirements regarding banners and the council approved signage plan. 

Legislation History
3/17/2011 Filed by the Clerk's office
4/13/2011 Hold On Agenda (5/25/2011)
3/17/2011 Referred to Planning, Zoning & Economic Development Committee
6/8/2011 Hold On Agenda (6/15/2011)
6/15/2011 Hold On Agenda (6/29/2011)
6/29/2011 Hold On Agenda (7/13/2011)
7/13/2011 Do Pass as a Committee Substitute
7/14/2011 Assigned Third Read Calendar as Substituted
7/21/2011 Passed as Substituted

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Amending Sections 88-445-01-D, 88-445-11-A and 88-445-11-E of the Zoning and Development Code to alter the requirements regarding banners and the council approved signage plan. 




Section 1. That Chapter 88, Zoning and Development Code, is hereby amended by repealing Sections 88-445-01-D, 88-445-11-A and 88-445-11-E and enacting new sections of like number and title, to alter the requirements regarding banners and council approved a signage plans:


88-445-01-D.     Prohibited Signs


1.      The following signs are expressly prohibited in all districts:


a.       animated signs;


b.      banners, except as specifically allowed as special event temporary signs elsewhere in this chapter, or as specifically allowed in a Council Approved Signage Plan; pennants; and wind-blown signs;


c.       portable signs;


d.      vehicle signs; for purposes of this section, a vehicle parked containing a commercial message or image and regularly parked on the street side of any business and not regularly and customarily used in the business;


e.       signs on benches;


f.       signs on trees;


g.      signs on utility poles (not within the right-of-way), other than signs installed by the utility and related to the utility facility;


h.      signs blocking required means of egress from a building; and


i.        signs within the public right-of-way or on public property, except signs posted in accordance with this chapter, or projecting signs as allowed by this chapter.


2.      The list of prohibited sign types is not exclusive; any sign that is not exempt from this chapter, not established as a lawful nonconforming sign, or not expressly allowed by this chapter is a prohibited sign.


88-445-11-A.     Purpose.


The Council Approved Signage Plan approval process is intended to integrate the design of the signs proposed for a development project with the design of the structures, into a unified architectural statement and allow flexibility in the size, height, duration and number of allowed signs. A Council Approved Signage Plan provides a means for defining common sign regulations for large or unique developments, to encourage maximum incentive and latitude in the design and display of signs and to achieve, not circumvent, the intent of this chapter. 


88-445-11-E.     Standards.


A Council Approved  Signage Plan shall comply with the following standards: 


1.      The plan shall comply with the purpose of this chapter and the overall intent of this Section; 


2.      The signs shall enhance the overall development, be in harmony with, and relate visually to other signs included in the Council Approved Signage Plan, to the structures and/or developments they identify, and to surrounding development and neighborhoods; 


3.      The signs will not create a safety or traffic hazard. 


4.      The plan shall accommodate future revisions that may be required because of changes in use or tenants; and 


5.      The plan shall comply with the standards of this chapter, except that flexibility is allowed with regard to sign area, number, location, duration and/or height to the extent that the Council Approved Signage Plan will enhance the overall development and will more fully accomplish the purposes of this chapter.  


6.      Banner signs shall only be allowed if attached to light poles with frames on the top and bottom of the banners.




Approved as to form and legality:




M. Margaret Sheahan Moran

Assistant City Attorney