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Legislation #: 141018 Introduction Date: 12/4/2014
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Title: Establishing the City of Kansas City’s major legislative priorities for the 2015 session of the Missouri General Assembly.

Legislation History
12/4/2014 Filed by the Clerk's office
12/4/2014 Immediate Adoption of Resolution
12/4/2014 Councilmember Marcason (Second by Sharp) Move To Hold On Docket
12/4/2014 Held on Docket (12/11/2014)
12/11/2014 Adopted

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Establishing the City of Kansas City’s major legislative priorities for the 2015 session of the Missouri General Assembly.


WHEREAS, the Missouri General Assembly will convene on January 7, 2015; and


WHEREAS, the City has engaged in a process to identify its major priorities for the General Assembly; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. MAJOR PRIORITIES. That the City adopts the following priorities on matters that may come before the 2015 session of the Missouri General Assembly, and opposes any efforts to erode local control of municipal services:


1.                  Medicaid Transformation. Support transformation of Medicaid and other medical access-related legislation.


2.                  2015 KANSAS CITY CONSENSUS AGENDA FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. The City fully supports the 2015 Kansas City Consensus Agenda for Economic Development which contains these priorities:


a.                   Support additional funding for the small business grant program with the Missouri Technology Corporation.


b.                  Support new business development incentives for science and technology based businesses to increase technical capacity.


c.                   Support state matching funds for the establishment of a Kansas City, Missouri downtown music conservatory for the University of Missouri – Kansas City.


d.                  Create new economic development tools that help to compete with other states, focusing incentives on companies that create high paying new jobs for the region.


e.                   Retain existing state economic development incentives and programs.

3.                  Public Mass Transportation Fund Sales Tax. Support renewal of the one-half cent sales tax designated for public mass transportation.


4.                  Early Learning and Child Care. Support legislation that will increase and allocate funding for early childhood education programs; and support a significant appropriation with the State’s budget for early literacy programs, such as Turn the Page KC.


5.                  Enhanced 9-1-1. Support legislation to authorize a county option surcharge and/or a statewide fee on wireless communications services and/or prepaid wireless devices to support operation and enhancements of the 9-1-1 system.


6.                  Property Registration. Support legislative changes to property registration requirements for limited liability corporations that would allow cities to require the names and addresses of property managers.


7.                  Scrap Metal. To repeal the recently passed law allowing motor vehicles 10 years old or older to be sold for scrap without a title.


8.                  Community Improvement Districts (CID). Support legislation that would allow a community improvement district to be created for the portion of Kansas City located in Clay County.


9.                  KCMO/KCPD Health Insurance – Amend state law to allow Kansas City and the Board of Police Commissioners to enter into a cooperative agreement for the provision of health, dental, life, disability, and similar insurance.