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Legislation #: 951493 Introduction Date: 11/2/1995
Type: Special Action Effective Date: 11/2/1995
Title: In support of the Jackson County Drug Tax COMBAT and the benefit it is to our community.

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In support of the Jackson County Drug Tax COMBAT and the benefit it is to our community.


WHEREAS, in 1989, the citizens of Jackson County approved a quarter-cent sales tax, COMBAT, to support a local and intensified war on drugs. Jackson County was the first jurisdiction in the U.S. to levy a tax with the proceeds singularly directed toward combating the scrounge of illicit drugs and drug-related crime. Nearly $15 million is generated per year and approximately 66% of these funds are dedicated to law enforcement and 33% of these funds are allocated to prevention and treatment; and


WHEREAS, law enforcement benefit is shown by: Violent crime is down 32% in the last 30 months; 51 new police officers have generated over 300% increase in drug arrests: KCPD - Street Narcotics & Drug Enforcement Units, EJCDTF (directs enforcement activities in 13 jurisdictions in Eastern Jackson County), and grant match for community policing; and the addition of 17 assistant prosecuting attorneys has resulted in over a 3000% increase in drug prosecution, including 1000 drug traffickers resulting from investigative work by the Eastern Jackson County Drug Task Force; and


WHEREAS, prevention benefit is shown by: 33 prevention agencies and nearly 100,000 students in 12 school districts, including alternative schools, participated in drug abuse prevention programs (including DARE programs); and


WHEREAS, treatment benefit is shown by: 26 agencies providing in-patient and out-patient substance abuse treatment programs; 700 new admissions of children and adults to treatment per month; 1800 family court clients have received drug testing and appropriate drug prevention education, treatment and/or counseling services; and first-time non-violent drug offenders received court monitored drug treatment, education and job training to turn them into productive tax-payers, instead of tax-takers; NOW, THEREFORE,




That the Mayor and Council hereby proclaim their support for the Jackson County Drug Tax COMBAT for the many benefits it brings to our community and the help and support it provides neighborhoods that want to battle the use of illegal drugs and continue to help overcome the curse of addiction; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution be spread upon the Minutes of the Council in testimony thereof confirming the need for all in our community to continue their support of the Jackson County Drug Tax COMBAT and the necessity that our community continue its battle against drugs to protect and provide a secure future for ourselves and our children.