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Legislation #: 090878 Introduction Date: 10/15/2009
Type: Ordinance Effective Date: none
Sponsor: None
Title: Terminating the 43rd _ Main Tax Increment Financing Plan.

Legislation History
10/12/2009 Filed by the Clerk's office
10/15/2009 Referred to Finance and Audit Committee
10/28/2009 Advance and Do Pass, Debate
10/29/2009 Passed

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090878.pdf Authenticated 44K Authenicated Copy
Summary 43rd Main TIF Plan and All Amendments (00105973).DOC Other 139K TIF Plan and Amendments
00117538.PDF Other 1853K 43rd & Main Termination Slides
00117486.DOC TIF Plan 34K 43rd & Main Termination Staff Report
00117485.DOC Fact Sheet 48K 43rd & Main Termination General Fact Sheet
00117178.DOCX Request for Ordinance 17K 43rd & Main Termination Ord. Request

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Terminating the 43rd & Main Tax Increment Financing Plan.

WHEREAS, the City Council of Kansas City, Missouri, by Ordinance No. 54556 passed on November 1982, and thereafter amended in certain respects by Ordinance No. 911076 passed on August 29, 1991, creating the Tax Increment Financing Commission of Kansas City, Missouri (the Commission); and

WHEREAS, the Council on March 24, 1994, by Ordinance No. 940227 approved the 43rd & Main Tax Increment Financing Plan and thereafter amended the plan by Ordinance Nos. 941149, 040345, 060613, 061094, 080007 and 090347 to assist in planning and redevelopment initiatives along the Main Street Corridor and adjoining neighborhoods between 31st and 47th Streets; and

  WHEREAS, upon payment of unpaid but eligible reimbursable costs, the Council hereby finds and determines that the 43rd and Main Tax Increment Financing Plan should be terminated in accordance with Chapter 99.800, et seq.; NOW, THEREFORE,


  Section 1. That the 43rd & Main Tax Increment Financing Plan is hereby terminated.


  Approved as to form and legality:




Heather A. Brown

Assistant City Attorney