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Legislation #: 971268 Introduction Date: 8/28/1997
Type: Resolution Effective Date: 10/30/1997
Sponsor: None
Title: Adopting the FOCUS Kansas City Plan as the City's Strategic and Comprehensive Plan.

Legislation History

Waive Charter Requirements City Council


Referred Planning, Zoning & Economic Development Committee


Hold On Agenda


Hold On Agenda


Immediate Adoption as a Committee Substitute


Adopted as Substituted

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Adopting the FOCUS Kansas City Plan as the City's Strategic and Comprehensive Plan.


WHEREAS, the City of Kansas City, Missouri, has not adopted a comprehensive plan since 1947; and


WHEREAS, the City Council adopted the FOCUS Kansas City: Phase I Policy Plan including the 14 Principles for Policy in April, 1994; and


WHEREAS, Phase II, the Strategic and Comprehensive Plan, has been completed by the 30-member FOCUS Steering Committee based on the active involvement and input of over 2,000 citizens; and


WHEREAS, the FOCUS Kansas City Phase II Work Teams of 350 citizens have produced seven work products as they promised: five plans to guide the development of Kansas City's physical environment (a City-wide Physical Framework Plan, a Preservation Plan, an Urban Core Plan, a Northland Plan, and a Neighborhood Prototypes Plan); a sixth, Human Investment Plan that recommends ways to strengthen Kansas City's most important resource, its people; and a seventh, a Governance Plan which examines the responsibilities of the City, other jurisdictions and the role of citizens, and recommends a long-term financial strategy for the City; and


WHEREAS, a multi-disciplinary planning team of City staff and professional consultants under the leadership of the City Development Department provided the technical expertise to produce the seven component plans of FOCUS; and


WHEREAS, these seven component plans recommend 600 specific action steps to implement FOCUS Kansas City; and


WHEREAS, FOCUS offers a strategic vision of Kansas City as The New American City, Making Connections for the 21st Century; and


WHEREAS, FOCUS Kansas City represents a new era in strategic public action, public-private partnerships and citizen-based planning; and


WHEREAS, the City will lead the community by example in following the FOCUS Kansas City Plan in its short and long-term decisions and the Council encourages the private sector to follow the FOCUS Kansas City Plan as well; and


WHEREAS, legal notice of the public hearing before the City Plan Commission was published August 18, 1997, in conformity with state and local law; and


WHEREAS, the City Plan Commission considered the FOCUS Kansas City Plan on September 2, 1997; and


WHEREAS, after all interested persons were given an opportunity to present testimony, the City Plan Commission did on September 2, 1997, recommend approval of the FOCUS Kansas City Plan; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. That the FOCUS Kansas City Plan as prepared by the citizens of Kansas City, Missouri, is hereby adopted as Kansas City's strategic and comprehensive plan. The FOCUS Kansas City Plan will provide general guidance and policy direction for future amendments to all existing adopted plans and ordinances. A copy of said Plan is on file in the office of the City Clerk under Document No. 971268 and incorporated herein by reference.


Section 2. That the Council hereby declares that the FOCUS Kansas City Plan is adopted as a supplement to the existing area plans which the City has adopted and not as a replacement for them. Any future amendments to existing area plans or any development of new area plans should be guided by and comply with the policy direction set forth in the FOCUS Kansas City Plan.


Section 3. That the Council finds and declares that before taking any action on the proposed FOCUS Kansas City Plan, all public notices and hearings required by law have been given and had.