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Legislation #: 090697 Introduction Date: 8/6/2009
Type: Ordinance Effective Date: 8/23/2009
Title: Authorizing the Director of Public Work to execute a public infrastructure agreement with the Hunt Midwest Real Estate Development for the Line Creek Trail.

Legislation History
8/6/2009 Filed by the Clerk's office
8/6/2009 Referred to Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
8/13/2009 Advance and Do Pass as a Committee Substitute, Consent
8/13/2009 Passed as Substituted

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Authorizing the Director of Public Work to execute a public infrastructure agreement with the Hunt Midwest Real Estate Development for the Line Creek Trail.


WHEREAS, the City of Kansas City with Resolution No. 021388 supported the Mid-America Regional Councils 2002 MetroGreen Action Plan which included the establishment of the Northland Trails Vision Plan; and


WHEREAS, one of the first projects completed under the Northland Trails Vision Plan was the Prairie Creek Greenway; and


WHEREAS, in September 2007, Prairie Creek Greenway was designated as a National Recreation Trail and was the only trail in Missouri to receive this award in 2007; and


WHEREAS, Hunt Midwest joined with Platte County in a public-private partnership where Hunt Midwest constructed this trail; and


WHEREAS, the Prairie Creek Greenway has similar characteristics of the Line Creek Valley whereby both are untouched wilderness areas with substantial natural and archaeological resources and wildlife habitat; and


WHEREAS, the Line Creek Trail is a high priority corridor in both the Trails KC and Northland Trails Vision Plans; and


WHEREAS, construction of the Line Creek Trail will be the first link in a multi-modal north-south transportation network from Downtown Kansas City to Smithville Lake; and


WHEREAS, construction of the Line Creek Trail will open up non-motorized access to over 50 acres of the Line Creek Greenway and some of the last remaining original woodland forest within Kansas City in Platte County as identified in MARC's Natural Resource Inventory; and


WHEREAS, the City is constructing over 6,000 feet of the Southern Platte Pass (Route 45) and Line Creek Trails with improvements to N.W. 64th and N.W. 68th Streets; and


WHEREAS, when the aforementioned projects are completed will provide over 5 miles of connected trail; and


WHEREAS, Hunt Midwest will be working with Northland Trails and Greenways which has worked cooperatively with Clay County in constructing over 25 miles of trail at Smithville Lake to provide the specialized technical experience to assist City staff in the construction of the trail; and


WHEREAS, the construction of this trail can be completed by the end of this calendar year using an interactive design-build process and a public/private partnership while minimizing impacts to the Line Creek Valley; and


WHEREAS, due to the time requirements of the project, the complexity of the project, the private time and technical expertise contributions offered, the implementation of this project is best suited for public-private partnership; and


WHEREAS, the City wishes to work cooperatively with Hunt Midwest Real Estate Development, Inc and Northland Trails and Greenways using Code of Ordinances Section 2-1585(c)(3)--Alternative Construction Delivery Methods, for implementation of the Line Creek Trail as a demonstration public-private project for trails construction; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. That the Director of Public Works is hereby authorized to execute a public infrastructure agreement under Code of Ordinances Section 2-1585(c)(3) with Hunt Midwest Real Estate Development, Inc. for the construction of the Line Creek Trail. The agreement is approved in substantial form as that on file in the office of the Director of Public Works, subject to the receipt of all required approvals, from funds appropriated in Account No. 10-3090-898201-89020048-B for the other financial obligations contained in the agreement.


10-3090-898201-89020048-B Line Creek Trail System $1,000,000.00




I hereby certify that there is a balance, otherwise unencumbered, to the credit of the appropriation to which the foregoing expenditure is to be charged, and a cash balance, otherwise unencumbered, in the treasury, to the credit of the fund from which payment is to be made, each sufficient to meet the obligation hereby incurred.



Jeffrey A. Yates

Director of Finance


Approved as to form and legality:



Brian T. Rabineau

Assistant City Attorney