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Legislation #: 090750 Introduction Date: 8/27/2009
Type: Resolution Effective Date: 9/13/2009
Title: Directing the City Manager to cause the following projects to be submitted to the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) for the long range transportation plan, known as Transportation Outlook 2040.

Legislation History
8/26/2009 Filed by the Clerk's office
8/27/2009 Referred to Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
9/3/2009 Immediate Adoption as a Committee Substitute
9/3/2009 Adopted as Substituted

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Directing the City Manager to cause the following projects to be submitted to the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) for the long range transportation plan, known as Transportation Outlook 2040.

WHEREAS, MARC is the metropolitan planning organization for Greater Kansas City and they are required to maintain a long-range transportation plan that guides transportation decision making and funding decisions involving federal dollars over a period of several decades; and


WHEREAS, MARC is developing a new long-range transportation plan Transportation Outlook 2040 that describes how our region can accomplish this transportation vision and ensure our transportation investments contribute toward the broader regional vision. The plan will identify needs and budget federal transportation funds that the metro area expects to receive over the next 30 years; and


WHEREAS, a major component of the long-range plan is identifying a list of regionally important projects to improve the transportation of people and goods such as highway, transit, roadways and bicycle and pedestrian facilities, to name a few. This federally required project listing is intended to help the region identify and prioritize future transportation investments based on goals, strategies and estimated financial resources; and


WHEREAS, Transportation Outlook 2040 will incorporate regionally significant, multi-modal transportation projects that will lead us toward a more sustainable future and improved quality of life for Greater Kansas Citys diverse residents. The plans project list will span a breadth of transportation options, including bicycle trails, roadways, sidewalks, ports, public transit and other projects that support major activities centers and livable communities. Nominated projects should fit within at least one of the following five project categories: Roadway, Transit, Activity Centers/Nodes, Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities or Management and Operations Programs; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. The list of projects (by category) submitted within the City of Kansas City, Missouri are as follows:




107th Street -- Hillcrest Rd to Raytown Rd

135th Street -- MO-150 to Holmes

22nd/23rd Street -- Brooklyn to I-70

85th Street -- Troost to Prospect

Ambassador -- Cookingham Drive to NW 128th Street

Ambassador -- NW 128th Street to Mexico City Ave

Amity -- MO-152 to Tiffany Springs Pkwy

Bannister -- Raytown Road to Route 350

Bannister Road -- James A Reed to Raytown Road

Barry -- Highland Ave to Indiana Ave

Barry -- Indiana Ave to Brighton Ave

Blue Parkway Elmwood to Eastwood

Blue Ridge Blvd -- St Andrews Drive to Grandview City Limits

Congress -- Ambassador Dr to NW 108th Street

Congress -- NW 112th Street to Cookingham Drive

Cookingham -- I-435 to Skyview Ave

Cookingham -- North Oak to Woodland Ave

Cookingham -- Platte Purchase Dr to North Oak

Cookingham -- Skyview Ave to Platte Purchase Dr

Cookingham -- Woodland Ave to I-435

East Longview Pkwy -- Bannister to MO-350

East Longview Pkwy -- I-470 to Bannister

Eastern -- Cookingham Drive to City Limits

Englewood -- Waukomis Drive to US 169

Front Street Chouteau to I-435

Front Street -- I-35 to Chouteau

Green Hills MO-152 to NW 108th Street

Green Hills -- NW 72nd Street to Barry Road

Gregory Blvd -- Noland Road to Lee Summit Road

Hardesty Road -- 63rd Street to Blue Parkway

Holmes -- 135th to Blue Ridge

Holmes -- Blue Ridge to Martha Truman

Holmes -- Martha Truman to 115th

I-29 and NW 112th Street Interchange

I-29 and NW 72nd Street Interchange

I-29 and Tiffany Springs Parkway Interchange

I-29 EIS from Route 210 to I-635

I-435 Spur Study -- I-435 to I-35

Indiana -- Barry Road to Shoal Creek Pkwy

Interurban -- Cookingham Drive to Route 92

Lee's Summit Road -- 85th Street to Gregory

Lee's Summit Road Gregory to Lakewood Blvd

Lee's Summit Road -- Lakewood Blvd to Phelps Road

Lee's Summit Road -- Phelps Road to US 40

Lewis and Clark Expwy -- I-435 to Sugar Creek

Line Creek Pkwy -- NW 68th Street to Barry Road

Line Creek Pkwy -- Bell Street to NW 68th Street

Line Creek Pkwy -- I-29 to Bell Street

Little Blue Road Noland to Lee's Summit Road

Little Blue Road Woodson to Noland

Manchester -- Blue Parkway to Coal Mine Road

Maplewoods Parkway -- Agnes Ave to Barry Road

Maplewoods Parkway -- Brighton Ave to I-435

Maplewoods Parkway -- M-1 to Brighton Ave

Maplewoods Parkway -- NE 96th Street to Shoal Creek Pkwy

Mexico City Avenue -- Route 152 to Cookingham Drive

NE 108th -- I-435 to Eastern Avenue

NE 108th -- Shoal Creek Pkwy to I-435

NE 132nd -- US 169 to Woodland Ave

NE 76th -- Brighton Ave to Shoal Creek Pkwy

NE 96th -- North Oak to Maplewoods Pkwy

Noland Road US 40 to MO-350

North Brighton Avenue -- Barry Road to Shoal Creek Pkwy

North Brighton Avenue -- MO-210 to Parvin Road

North Brighton Avenue -- NE 58th Street to Pleasant Valley Road

North Brighton Avenue -- Pleasant Valley Road to NE 76th Street

Norwood -- City Limits (Riverside) to Prairie View Drive

NW 108th Street Skyview Ave to Platte Purchase

NW 108th Street -- Congress Ave to Skyview Ave

NW 126th St -- US 169 to First Creek Rd

NW 128th Street -- Ambassador Dr to Interurban

NW 72nd Street -- MO-9 to Overland Drive

NW 96th St -- US 169 to North Oak

Oak -- NW 111th Street to Cookingham Drive

Parvin Road -- Kentucky Ave to Route 210

Platte Purchase -- MO-152 to NW 100th Street

Platte Purchase -- NW 100th Street to Cookingham Drive

Platte Purchase -- NW 76th Street to Barry Road

Pleasant Valley -- Route 1 to Searcy Creek Pkwy

Raytown Road -- 87th Street to I-470

Raytown Road -- I-435 to Blue Ridge Cut-Off

Red Bridge -- Blue River to US 71

Red Bridge -- State Line to Holmes

Rhinehart Road -- Gregory Blvd to Unity Village

Shoal Creek Pkwy -- I-435 to Woodland Ave

Shoal Creek Pkwy North Oak to Maplewoods Pkwy

Shoal Creek Pkwy -- Platte Purchase Dr to North Oak

Skyview -- NW 108th Street to Cookingham Drive

Skyview -- Tiffany Springs Pkwy to NW 108th Street

Southwest Trafficway -- Westport Road to 43rd Street

Tiffany Springs Pkwy -- Amity to I-29

Tiffany Springs Pkwy -- Green Hills Road to Platte Purchase Dr

Tiffany Springs Pkwy -- I-435 to Amity Ave

Tiffany Springs Pkwy -- Platte Purchase Dr to US 169

Tiffany Springs Pkwy -- Skyview Ave to Green Hills Road

Tiffany Springs Road -- Congress Ave to Skyview Ave

Tiffany Springs Road -- Green Hills Road to Platte Purchase Dr

US 169 and 108th Street Interchange

US 169 and 96th Street Interchange

West Longview Parkway -- 87th Street to I-470

Woodland -- Shoal Creek Pkwy to I-435

Wornall Road -- Red Bridge Rd to 135th Street




Revenue Vehicle Acquisitions

Service and Maint. Facility Improvements

Park and Ride Improvements

BRT Corridor Improvement - State Avenue

BRT Corridor Improvement - North Oak

BRT Corridor Improvement - KCMO to Eastern Jackson County

BRT Corridor Improvement - Prospect Ave.

BRT Improvements - TBD

Downtown Streetcar / Fixed Guideway Development

Fixed Guideway (Rail) Transit Development - TBD

Passenger Amenities

ATA Revenue Collection

ATA Radio System & ITS Improvements




135th Street Streetscape (Martin City) -- Inverness Street to Holmes Road

18th & Vine -- Troost Ave to Woodland Ave

18th Street -- Summit to The Paseo

350 Highway Streetscape -- Westridge Rd to Unity Village

Knobtown Intersection Enhancement -- RR Bridge to Little Blue River

Ararat Drive -- Sni-a-Bar to Eastwood Trafficway

Blue Ridge Blvd Streetscape -- 87th Street to 1,500 feet south of 87th Street

Blue Ridge Blvd Streetscape -- 500 ft north and south of Bannister Road

Blue Ridge Blvd Streetscape -- I-470 to 107th Street

Blue Ridge Blvd Streetscape From Red Bridge south 1,600 feet

Cookingham -- I-435 to Skyview Ave

Eastwood Trafficway -- Blue Parkway to I-435

Grand Boulevard -- 3rd to Pershing Avenue

Main Street -- 30th St. to 38th Street

N & S Truman Road -- Wyandotte St to Oak St

N Oak Tfwy -- N 32nd St to Englewood Blvd

Red Bridge Road Streetscape (Old Hickman Mills area)

St. John Avenue Kensington to Lawn

Troost Ave -- 28th St. to 34th St.

Troost Avenue -- 23rd St. to Bannister Road



Bike KC Implementation

Trails KC Implementation

Katy Trail Corridor

kcICON Bridge River Crossing




Traffic Management System

Performance Based Interurban Transportation Safety Program