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Legislation #: 031220 Introduction Date: 11/6/2003
Type: Special Action Effective Date: 11/6/2003
Title: Expressing the support by the City for U.S. forces serving in current operations.

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Expressing the support by the City for U.S. forces serving in current operations.


WHEREAS, tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guardsmen are now risking their lives in service to the country in ongoing military operations, including Noble Eagle, the defense of the U.S. homeland, Enduring Freedom, the mission in Afghanistan and, most recently, Iraqi Freedom, the operation in Iraq; and


WHEREAS, the following is list of the men and women who are in the military reserves with some of them having already been called to active duty while others still await their orders: Michael Acklin, Troy Anderson, Dennis Anthony, Larry Armstrong, Joel Baker, Anthony Barner, Christopher Bentch, Todd Best, David Binneboese, James Brooks, Ramona Brooks, Dwight Brown, Eddie Brown, Matthew Brunner, Von Burns, Phillip Butler, Raymond Cain, Shawn Campbell, Belen Campo, Michelle Carey, Gilbert D. Carter, David Castro, Lillian Chancey, Roger Churchwell, Darryl Cohen, Charles Cox, Jonathan Cranston, Justin Crump, Cynthia Davis, Marcus Davis, Marvin Davis, Sabrina Dean, James Diaz, Floyd Dupre, Phillip Durbin, Richard Dyer, David Edwards, Bradley Ellis, Charles Evans, Roberto Everidge, Brad Fidlar, William Finn, Mark Fogel, Jamie M. Frates, Alvin Frazier, Nate Friends, Michael Galley, Dr. Alex Garza, Williams Gibson, Robert Gilliland, Terrance Godfrey, Dr. Matt Gratton, Nathaniel Green, William Hakes, Mark Hammerbacher, Karl Harris, Angelo Harrison, Jabir Hazziez, Gordon Herndon, Kenneth Herron, Jeffrey P. Hoffecker, Iman Holiway, Larry Holtel, Craig Hontz, Richard Hulme, Justin Huttie, Donald E. Hubbard, Andre Jackson, David Jackson, Jon Michael Jackson, Bryan A. Jobe, Uraya Johnsonv, Harold A. Jones, Michelle Jones, Katherine M. Kennedy, Guy Kirtley, Robert Kleinhen, Gary Knapp, Lowell Lacy, Kenny Lawrence, Cory LeMoine, John Lopez, Brian Lyles, Robin Maddock, Kevin Mallard, Sharon Martin, Robert May, Christopher McDonald, James McElroy, Margaret McGuire, David McHenry, Debra McNeil, Joseph Merino, Anthony Moses, Mark Murray, Troy Nash, Esteban Navarro, Joe A. Nelson, Thor Nelson, Jerry Nicas, Tommy Nichols, Georgia Nixon, Scott Olds, David M. Osbahr, Robert Oxler, Robert Jason Parson, Conchita Patterson, Joe Pelhman, Howard Periman, Timothy Perry, Jeffrey Pollard, Charles Pritchard, Brian Rapplean, Vanessa Ray, Ronald Rees, William Richter, Jonathan Rivers, Steven Robinson, Christopher Romero, Bill Rothery, James Sander, James Schildman, Mark Schmidt, Michael Schneider, Peter Schultz, Edward Shoup, Bryce Simnitt, Jason Smail, Omar Smith, Kenneth Spencer, Daniel D. Spier, Henry Stivers, Jonathan Stone, James Swoboda, James Thomas, Brian Thompson, Don Totson, Timothy Trainor, Brian Unzicker, Gregory Volker, John Wagner, Robert Walker, Anthony Watson, India Watson, Jada Weldon, Lorenzo Weldon, Brian Williams, James Williams, Cory Wilson, Brandon Winders, Steve Worley, Dennis Wycoff, and Christopher ZiglinskI; NOW, THEREFORE,




That the Mayor and Council hereby express their support of the U.S. forces serving in current operations; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Resolution be spread upon the Minutes of the Council in testimony thereof and that copies hereof be presented to the men and women who are actively serving in the military with the support of the Mayor, Council and citizens of Kansas City for U.S. forces serving in current military operations at home and overseas and hope for their speedy and safe return to their homes, families and workplace.