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Legislation #: 961479 Introduction Date: 11/14/1996
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Title: Establishing the City's State legislative priorities for the Missouri Legislative Session in 1997.

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Establishing the City's State legislative priorities for the Missouri Legislative Session in 1997.


WHEREAS, the Missouri Legislature will convene in early January, 1997, and the City desires to establish legislative priorities for the 1997 Session; NOW, THEREFORE,




That the City Council of Kansas City hereby adopts the following legislative priorities:


Tax Increment Financing (TIF) closely monitor Joint Committee hearings on TIF and support only those

modifications that encourage redevelopment of blighted areas and the development

of areas in need of economic development


Jackson County Sports Authority support legislation authorizing the Mayor to appoint an additional member to the

Jackson County Sports Authority


Light Rail provide a dedicated revenue source which would provide the local match for federal

grants needed to build the light rail preferred alternative from the Missouri River with

an extension to Waterworks Parks to the north, and, from the Missouri River with an

extension to the Plaza followed by an extension in the Brush Creek Corridor to the

Bruce Watkins right-of-way, then south in the right-of-way to 75th Street and an

extension south from the Plaza in the Country Club right-of-way to 85th Street


Half-Cent Transportation Sales Tax extend the half-cent transportation sales tax, which expires December 31, 1997


Second Year Appropriation for Transit Operating Assistance obtain a second year appropriation of $7.7 million in state funds to offset decreased

federal operating assistance. Funding is distributed to 34 transit properties. The 1996

KCATA share was $2.4 million


Storm Water Grant Program support modification to the 1995 grant distribution formulas correcting flaws to

provide funding for the entire ten year program


Probation Services support legislation that would allow for a fee to be charged to private probation

providers, who are registered with the Municipal Court and charge fees to



Tax Delinquent Property Redemption amend Section 141.550, RSMo, by adding a provision to prohibit owners who owe

tax on real property from purchasing additional properties at the Jackson County

delinquent land tax sale or from entering into installment contracts for redemption;

support legislation which provides the City with a means of acquiring properties with

dangerous buildings or vacant lots with delinquent taxes for the purpose of returning

them to the tax rolls with clear titles


Taxpayer Confidentiality support legislation that ensures the confidential treatment of taxpayer information in

conformance with the same standards as the federal and state agencies we work with,

and in conformance with the Sunshine Law


Earnings Tax oppose legislation to exempt employee contributions to deferred compensation plans

from earnings tax


Managed Competition enabling legislation to treat city bids as any other bids in a competitive process


Telecommunication monitor all legislative proposals related to telecommunication (the industry) to ensure

that local control of right-of-way and zoning regulation is not preempted


Bartle Hall maintain annual $2,000,000.00 appropriation for Bartle Hall debt service and



Truman Sports Complex maintain annual $2,000,000.00 appropriation for the maintenance and support of the

Harry S. Truman Sports Complex


support a $1,000,000.00 increase in the appropriation for maintenance and support

of the Harry S. Truman Sports Complex


Sunshine Law support inclusion in Section 610.120, RSMo, of the city auditor of any home rule

charter city served by a municipal division of the circuit court and by a police

department under the control of a board of police commissioners appointed by the

Governor for the purpose of auditing the work of the municipal division, police

department or department of the city relating to work of the municipal division


Block Grants support need based distribution of block grant funds funneled from the federal

government to states for pass through to local governments


Criminal Activity Forfeiture Act amend Section 513.605, RSMo, Section 513.600 et seq., to include in the list of

offenses covered in Chapter 577, relating to littering and Chapter 260, relating to

solid waste to discourage illegal dumping


Appropriations support continued state funding for Truman Medical Center, Children's Mercy

Hospital, Western Missouri Mental Health Center, local programs serving older adults

and the disabled, Mid-America Regional Council, University of Missouri at Kansas

City, Metropolitan Community College District, area public school districts, area

highways projects, storm water control, Human Rights Commission, continuation of

Amtrak funding, health department and its programs including chronic disease

prevention, vaccines and provide new funding for homeless related programs, support

creation of a state urban park site in the 18th and Vine area


Community Improvement Districts (CIDs) supporting allowing private parties to assess or tax themselves for improvements and

services which benefit entire community


Transportation Improvement Districts support legislation allowing the creation of districts to pay for highway and road

improvements through special assessments, property taxes and sales taxes