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Legislation #: 180393 Introduction Date: 5/17/2018
Type: Ordinance Effective Date: none
Title: Authorizing the City Manager to issue an RFP to select a firm to implement a Comprehensive Smart City Program Management Partnership Agreement; and identifying RFP selection committee members.

Legislation History
5/17/2018 Filed by the Clerk's office
5/17/2018 Referred to Finance and Governance Committee
5/23/2018 Advance and Do Pass, Debate
5/24/2018 Passed

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Authorizing the City Manager to issue an RFP to select a firm to implement a Comprehensive Smart City Program Management Partnership Agreement; and identifying RFP selection committee members.


WHEREAS, Kansas City currently enjoys a strong reputation in the Smart City community as a data-driven, technology enhanced city, with its 54-block Smart City area having the greatest concentration of connected infrastructure in North America;


WHEREAS, the City’s Smart City project currently includes 328 Wi-Fi access points, 178 smart street Lights and 26 connected kiosks and a data analysis platform that sits on top of the infrastructure and allows the City to make insights that help improve city operations; and


WHEREAS, due to its innovation and infrastructure, the City has received numerous unsolicited offers from private industry to partner with the City to expand the Smart City project’s scope and area; and


WHEREAS, due to the complex and most likely first-of-its-kind nature of a potentially large public/partnership that may span for ten to thirty years, the City issued an RFP and engaged the services of IDC, a Boston consultancy that features the nation’s foremost Smart Cities Analysis Center to assist in the creation of a RFP to secure a Smart City Program Manager (“Program Manager”) of any public/private partnership (“Smart City Initiative”); and


WHEREAS, the Smart City Initiative will include the City’s priorities in various stages and will be planned in a manner that supports the City’s Business Plan; and


WHEREAS, the Smart City Initiative will include annual City Council progress reviews and identification of further priorities; and


WHEREAS, the Smart City Initiative is expected to be funded by private equity, with the Program Manager executing sub-contracts to procure or install digital infrastructure to expand the City’s Smart City project; and


WHEREAS, any retained Program Manager will be required to propose finance/payback mechanisms that ensure continued city ownership of resources and return on investment for the private equity sources; and


WHEREAS, all aspects of the Smart City Initiative will be developed and analyzed in a manner to be benefit to and improve the City, City processes, the lives of residents and the experience of visitors; and


WHEREAS, any RFP for a Program Manager will seek responses that include the City’s Smart City Initiative initial priorities: expansion of public Wi-Fi and sensors along the Prospect MAXX route, integration of networked water infrastructure including AMI water meters, creation of a city-wide parking management platform, development of a Public Health monitoring and analysis platform, continuation of a City-wide data analytics platform, and development of Smart City technology strategies to decrease murder, gun-related violence and other violent crime; and


WHEREAS, the Smart City Initiative should include development of a tool that enables the City to better assess the condition of infrastructure, including roads, bridges, storm sewers, waste water sewers, vertical light support poles and fiber networks; and


WHEREAS, the City will ensure that the Smart City Initiative satisfies all data privacy guidelines established in Resolution 150288; and


WHEREAS, the Council believes it is in the best interests of the City to seek to engage a Program Manager to reap the benefits of its Smart City program and any expansion; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. That the City Manager is hereby authorized to issue an RFP to select a firm to implement a Comprehensive Smart City Program Management Partnership Agreement related to the expansion of the City’s Smart City program.


Section 2. That said RFP selection committee shall consist of the following members:


·         Ms. Sherri McIntyre or Mr. Ralph Davis (Public Works) (Chair)

·         Councilman Kevin McManus (Smart City Advisory Board)

·         Mr. Terry Leeds or Mr. Sean Hennessy (Water)

·         Mr. Bruce Campbell (Parking)

·         Dr. Sarah Martin (Public Health)

·         Ms. Kate Bender or Ms. Julie Steenson (Office of Performance Management)

·         Mr. Andy Shively (Smart Sewer Program Manager)

·         Ms. Tammy Queen (Finance)

·         Mr. Eric Roche (Chief Data Officer)

·         Mr. David Evans (Director of IT Services, General Services)

·         Ms. Donna Maize (Assistant City Manager / Public Safety)




Approved as to form and legality:




  Joseph A. Guarino

Assistant City Attorney