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Legislation #: 170265 Introduction Date: 4/13/2017
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Title: Directing the City Manager to engage with regional partners to develop and recommend a regional funding strategy to build a new U.S. 169 Missouri River Bridge. 

Legislation History
4/13/2017 Filed by the Clerk's office
4/13/2017 Referred to Transportation & Infrastructure Committee
4/20/2017 Immediate Adoption as a Committee Substitute
4/20/2017 Adopted as Substituted

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Directing the City Manager to engage with regional partners to develop and recommend a regional funding strategy to build a new U.S. 169 Missouri River Bridge. 


WHEREAS, the U.S. 169 “Buck” O'Neil Bridge was constructed in the mid 1950's; and


WHEREAS, the Bridge is in such condition that a substantial rehabilitation is immediately required; and


WHEREAS, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) has proposed approximately $49 million in state fiscal year 2019 to rehabilitate the bridge which is expected to extend the life of the bridge approximately 35 years; and


WHEREAS, the proposed rehabilitation will require an estimated two-year closure of the bridge crossing; and


WHEREAS, a closure of the bridge crossing will have substantial impacts to the City of Kansas City and the regional economy; and


WHEREAS, a closure of the bridge will cause immediate short term damages to the operations of the Charles Wheeler Downtown Airport (MKC) including tenants such as VML, Inc, the Airline History Museum, Children's Mercy Hospital Lifeflight, and Midwest Transplant Network; and


WHEREAS, in 2012, MODOT conducted an economic study of Missouri Airports and during the study, MKC was identified to have a total payroll of $29,373,000.00 and total economic output of $83,733,000.00; and


WHEREAS, a closure of the bridge will have substantial long term damage to MKC including possible issues retaining the Airport's 24/7 Air Traffic Control; and


WHEREAS, in 2016, Children’s Mercy Hospital completed 1140 flight operations at MKC and response delays across the bridge will have detrimental impact to life safety; and


WHEREAS, in 2016, Midwest Transplant Network completed 709 flight operations at MKC and closure of the south access would require the transplant centers to factor in an additional 30 minutes after landing to perform organ transplants which they consider a critical delay; and


WHEREAS, the FAA has invested over $70 million in the past decade to MKC and may find the City in default of the agreement if ARFF coverage is compromised and aircraft operations are restricted due to the extended bridge closure; and


WHEREAS, MKC operations and economic job centers along I-29 and the Briarcliff area impact residents both north and south of the river and other municipalities; and


WHEREAS, a rehabilitation of the existing Bridge would not improve non-motorized travel across the River, reduce the existing traffic bottlenecks, improve access to MKC, its operations, or its tenants such as the Airline History Museum; and


WHEREAS, a rehabilitation would not improve the safety of the corridor with its tight turns and MoDOT’s maintenance obligations to repair/replace guardrail and impact attenuators; and


WHEREAS, a rehabilitation will not prevent future corrosion of the Bridge and the proposed rehabilitation may not extend the life of the Bridge for thirty-five years and might require another rehabilitation in ten or twenty years with similar economic and life safety issues; and


WHEREAS, a new U.S. 169 Missouri River Bridge could be built to current standards and construction methods not requiring substantial maintenance until 2070; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. That the City Manager is hereby directed to engage with regional partners, including MARC, MoDOT, Federal, and public and private sector stakeholders, to develop and recommend a regional funding strategy to build a new U.S. 169 Missouri River Bridge, and the City Manager is further directed that no funds from the April 4, 2017, $800 million in general obligation bond proceeds shall be included as a funding source for the replacement structure over the Missouri River, state-owned assets, or state property.


Section 2. That the City Manager shall report back to Council within 60 days on progress, resources needed, and time line for completion of this plan.