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Legislation #: 120911 Introduction Date: 10/18/2012
Type: Resolution Effective Date: 10/18/2012
Title: Establishing state legislative priorities and positions for matters before the 2013 session of the Missouri General Assembly.

Legislation History
10/17/2012 Filed by the Clerk's office
10/17/2012 Immediate Adoption of Resolution
10/18/2012 Councilmember Wagner Move to Amend
10/18/2012 Adopted as Amended

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Establishing state legislative priorities and positions for matters before the 2013 session of the Missouri General Assembly.


WHEREAS, the Missouri General Assembly will convene on January 9, 2013; and


WHEREAS, the City has engaged in a process which has identified priorities and positions on matters expected to come before the General Assembly; NOW, THEREFORE,




Section 1. MAJOR PRIORITIES. That the following major legislative priorities are established for the 2013 session of the Missouri General Assembly:


Economic Development – Data Centers. Establish appropriate tax exemptions for data centers.


Economic Development – MO-AVIA. Support the Missouri Angel and Venture Investment Incentive Act (MO-AVIA) so Missouri will join all of the states bordering Missouri to enhance Kansas City’s efforts to be an entrepreneurial center.


Economic Development – Job Retention. Support efforts to provide assistance in efforts to retain jobs in Kansas City and Missouri, through, for example, support for the Quality Jobs and similar programs, and “cease fire” legislation with Kansas.


Economic Development – Land Assemblage. Support amendments to the land assemblage tax credit program to allow it to be effectively utilized in Kansas City.


Economic Development – Incentives. Oppose sunsets for the historic preservation and low income housing tax credit programs, oppose harmful amendments to tax increment financing (TIF) programs, including supplemental TIF programs, and support continuation of the current programs.


Public Safety – Scrap Metal. Support adoption of a stronger statewide law to make the trafficking in stolen scrap metal, such as copper wire from streetlight and utility systems, metal from municipal monuments, statues, fountains, and other amenities, catalytic converters, components of HVAC systems, and other sources of metal more difficult.


Section 2. ADDITIONAL PRIORITIES AND POSITIONS. That the City adopts the following additional important priorities and positions, on matters that may come before the 2013 session of the General Assembly, and opposes any efforts to erode local control of municipal services:

Economic Development – Affordable Child Care.  Maintain or broaden income eligibility for low-income, working families to quality for Missouri’s Child Care Assistance Program and maintain or improve state reimbursement rates for child care providers.

Economic Development – Life Sciences. Oppose all legislation that would restrict the development of the life sciences in Missouri, including proposals to limit Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer research, aimed at developing more effective therapies and cures for disease and disability.


Economic Growth, Public Safety, Neighborhood LivabilityAbandoned Properties. Support legislation that would allow Kansas City to impose a graduated fee on abandoned properties based on the length of abandonment.


Economic Growth – Early Childhood Programs. Restore funding to Head Start and other early childhood development, education, and care programs.


Economic Growth, Governance – Earnings Tax. Support legislation that extends the length of time between required elections to at least 20 years.

Economic Growth – Missouri Arts Council. Support efforts for appropriation of the full 60% of the non-resident professional athlete and entertainer’s income tax to the Missouri Arts Council Trust Fund.

Economic Growth, Public Infrastructure, Governance – Sales and Use Tax. Support enabling legislation for Missouri to enter into the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement which has been adopted by twenty-four states.


Governance - Police and Police Civilian Pensions. Support changes in Chapter 86, RSMo. to the Police Retirement System of Kansas City, Missouri and the Civilian Employees' Retirement System of the Police Department of Kansas City, Missouri that would mirror changes to the Kansas City Employees’ Retirement System and Kansas City Firefighters’ Pension System.


Governance – Property Tax Levy Rate. Support amendments to Section 67.110, RSMo. to allow Kansas City to certify property tax levy rates to all of its counties no later than October 1st of each year.


Healthy Community – Health Care Affordability Act. Support implementation of the Health Care Affordability Act and other access-related legislation.


Healthy Community – Solid Waste Management. Preserve the City’s ability to provide an integrated solid waste management system for its citizens.


Healthy Community – Tobacco Use. Support legislation designed to reduce the use of tobacco, whether smoked or chewed, and exposure to tobacco smoke.


Healthy Community – Tonnage Fees. Support establishment of a statewide solid waste disposal tonnage fee, adjusted by the consumer price index each year, to support state, regional and local solid waste planning and waste reduction efforts.


Healthy Community – Yard Waste Ban. Support the continuation of the 1992 yard waste ban which diverts yard waste from landfills.


Neighborhood Livability – Liquor Permit Fees. Support legislation to allow municipalities being called upon to perform more of the liquor control work previously performed by the State to increase permit fees to cover the additional costs.


Public Infrastructure - Clean Water & Safe Drinking Water Act SRF Program. Support continued funding for the Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water Act State Revolving Fund Program, which provide grants and funding for improving and replacing combined sewers, sanitary sewers and storm sewers to achieve a cleaner, safer environment.


Public Infrastructure - Sovereign Immunity. Support legislation that amends Chapter 537 RSMo. such that the sovereign immunity provisions that apply to state departments, water districts, and sewer districts also apply to Kansas City.


Public Infrastructure - Sunshine Law. Support legislation that removes the sunset clause on the closed record exception for security systems, security operations, structural plans, and terrorist response plans in Section 610.021(18) and (19), RSMo.


Public Infrastructure – Water/Sewer/Stormwater Bill Collection. Oppose efforts to further reduce the ability of the City to hold property owners-landlords responsible for the water services offered at their properties.


Public Safety & Neighborhood Livability - Court Fees. Support legislation to reinstate the $7.00 fee in Kansas City Municipal Court to support the cost of operating special mental health, drug and veterans’ courts, including indigent defense in these specialized courts.


Public Safety – Enhanced 9-1-1. Support legislation to authorize a county option surcharge on wireless communications services to support operation and enhancements of the 9-1-1 system.


Public Safety – Traffic Enforcement Cameras. Maintain local control over the implementation of red light and speed camera systems on local streets.


Section 3. DOWNTOWN COUNCIL PRIORITIES. That the City joins with the Downtown Council of Kansas City by fully supporting the legislative priorities adopted by the Downtown Council for the 2013 session of the General Assembly.


Section 4. EDC PRIORITIES. That the City joins with the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City, Missouri by fully supporting the legislative priorities adopted by the Economic Development Corporation for the 2013 session of the General Assembly.


Section 5. KCATA PRIORITIES. That the City joins with the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority by fully supporting the legislative priorities adopted by the KCATA for the 2013 session of the General Assembly.


Section 6. MARC PRIORITIES. That the City joins with the Mid America Regional Council by fully supporting the legislative priorities adopted by the Mid America Regional Council for the 2013 session of the General Assembly.


Section 7. MML PRIORITIES. That the City joins with the Missouri Municipal League by fully supporting the legislative priorities adopted by the Missouri Municipal League for the 2013 session of the General Assembly.