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Legislation #: 200915 Introduction Date: 10/22/2020
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Title: Directing the City Manager to conduct audits of the Central City Economic Development (“CCED”) Sales Tax and related projects.

Legislation History
10/22/2020 Filed by the Clerk's office
10/22/2020 Referred to Finance, Governance and Public Safety Committee
10/28/2020 Hold On Agenda (11/10/2020)
11/10/2020 Hold On Agenda (12/2/2020)
12/2/2020 Hold On Agenda (12/16/2020)
12/16/2020 Hold On Agenda (1/6/2021)
1/6/2021 Hold On Agenda (1/20/2021)
1/27/2021 Hold Off Agenda

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Directing the City Manager to conduct audits of the Central City Economic Development (“CCED”) Sales Tax and related projects.


WHEREAS, on April 4, 2017, pursuant to authority granted by Section 67.1305, RSMo, a majority of Kansas City, Missouri voters approved a new 1/8 of one percent retail sales tax for funding economic development projects within the area bounded by 9th Street on the north, Gregory Boulevard on the south, Paseo Boulevard on the west and Indiana Avenue on the east; and  


WHEREAS, CCED projects serve a predominantly public municipal purpose because, without limitation, they (i) enhance the tax base of the Project Site; (ii) retain and/or generate jobs; (iii) promote economic development in the CCED area that the City Council has determined to be blighted as a location for business operations; (iv) result in generation of tax revenues to the City from the conduct of business and other activities in the City that would not otherwise occur; (v) serve as a catalyst for additional investment in and further redevelopment and rehabilitation of the area of the City in which the Project Site is located; and (vi) further the City's policy of encouraging economic stability and growth; and

WHEREAS, the City Council is interested in a financial review of the CCED Sales Tax Program, including sales tax revenues, monies allocated towards CCED projects and any consultant fees; and

WHEREAS, audits will afford the City Council an opportunity to review services rendered under the CCED Sales Tax Program; and

WHEREAS, the purpose of such audits is to ensure that tax dollars are being spent in a way most beneficial to the City and the CCED area in ways that serve the sales tax purpose; NOW, THEREFORE,  



That the City Manager is hereby directed to conduct audits of the CCED Sales Tax Program regarding services rendered and financial reporting of all project expenditures, including consulting fees. Said audits shall cover any past, present and future CCED Sales Tax projects.