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Legislation #: 190881 Introduction Date: 10/17/2019
Type: Ordinance Effective Date: none
Sponsor: None
Title: Approving a development plan in District DC-15 on an approximately 0.7 acre tract of land generally located at the southwest corner of W. 9th Street and Wyandotte Street, to allow for a new hotel and ground floor commercial uses. (CD-CPC-2019-00138)

Legislation History
10/17/2019 Filed by the Clerk's office
10/17/2019 Referred to Neighborhood Planning and Development Committee
10/23/2019 Do Pass
10/24/2019 Assigned to Third Read Calendar
10/31/2019 Passed

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CD-CPC-2019-00138_Fact Sheet.docx Fact Sheet 26K Fact Sheet
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Approving a development plan in District DC-15 on an approximately 0.7 acre tract of land generally located at the southwest corner of W. 9th Street and Wyandotte Street, to allow for a new hotel and ground floor commercial uses. (CD-CPC-2019-00138)




Section A. That a development plan in District DC-15 (Downtown Core, Dash 15) on an approximately 0.7 acre tract of land generally located at the southwest corner of W. 9th Street and Wyandotte Street, and more specifically described as follows:


Lots 1 through 7, Block 3, Ashburn’s Addition, a subdivision of land in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri.


is hereby approved, subject to the following conditions:


1.                  Revise the plan set with the following corrections:


a. Revise building elevations with “East, West, North and South” per elevation drawing.


b. Provide pedestrian striping along parking garage entrance and exit.


c. Provide artwork or architectural ornamentation on east façade (in between parking garage entrance and exit) and northwest building corner.


d. Show developer contact information, including phone number and e-mail.


2. All proposed signage shall comply with 88-445 in its entirety.


3. Obtain a variance for any spillover lighting exceeding 1 footcandle at any property line.


4. Provide a minimum of 5 short-term bicycle spaces and a minimum of 5 long-term bicycle spaces.


5. The developer shall submit plans to the Land Development Division and obtain permits to construct sidewalks along the platted frontage, and construct associated ADA ramps at the proposed entrance drives as necessary for the type of drive approach.


6. The developer shall subordinate to the City all private interest in the area of any right-of-way dedication, in accordance with Chapter 88 and as required by the Land Development Division, prior to issuance of any construction permits within said right-of-way, and that the owner/developer shall be responsible for all costs associated with subordination activities now and in the future.


7. The developer shall grant a BMP easement to the City as required by the Land Development Division, prior to recording the plat or issuance of any building permits.


8. After the City Plan Commission enters its disposition for the development plan, the developer shall not enter into any agreement that would encumber or otherwise have any impact on the proposed right-of-way dedications for the planned project without the prior written consent of the Land Development Division.


9. The developer shall integrate into the existing streetlight system any relocated existing streetlights within the street right-of-way impacted by the new drive or approach entrances as required by the Land Development Division, and the relocated lights must comply with all adopted lighting standards.


10. The developer shall submit a letter to the Land Development Division from a licensed civil engineer, licensed architect, or licensed landscape architect, who is registered in the State of Missouri, that identifies sidewalks, curbs, and gutters in disrepair as defined by Public Works Department’s "OUT OF REPAIR CRITERIA FOR SIDEWALK, DRIVEWAY AND CURB revised 11/5/2013" and based on compliance with Chapters 56 and 64, Code of Ordinances, for the sidewalks, curbs, and gutters where said letter shall identify the quantity and location of sidewalks, curbs, and gutters that need to be constructed, repaired, or reconstructed to remedy deficiencies and/or to remove existing approaches no longer needed by this project. The developer shall secure permits to repair or reconstruct the identified sidewalks, curbs, and gutters as necessary along all development street frontages as required by the Land Development Division and prior to issuance of any certificate of occupancy permits including temporary certificate of occupancy permits.


11. The developer shall submit an analysis by a registered professional engineer in Missouri to verify adequate capacity of the existing water mains and verify fire flow capacity prior to the issuance of new water service permits. Depending on adequacy of the existing water main systems, two separate fire service lines connected to water mains located in different streets may be required.


12. Install domestic water and fire service lines according to current Kansas City, Missouri Rules and Regulations for water service lines.


13. The expectation is the project will meet the fire flow requirements as set forth in Appendix B of the International Fire Code 2012. (IFC-2012: § 507.1)


14. All construction shall be in compliance of the applicable building codes which are in effect at the time of construction and shall be built under valid building permits issued by the City Planning and Development Department. (IFC-2012: § 102.4)


15. Buildings equipped with a fire standpipe system shall have an operable fire hydrant within 100 feet of the Fire Department Connection. (IFC2012: § 507.5.1.1)


16. Buildings shall comply with requirements of wall rating and opening protection per 602 and 705.8 of IBC 2012 with respect to property lines and lot lines.


17. The developer shall submit a storm drainage analysis, from a Missouri-licensed civil engineer, evaluating proposed improvements and impact to drainage conditions. Since this project is within a "Combined Sewer Overflow" (CSO) district, the project shall be designed to retain rainfall of 1.5 inch depth over the entire site to simulate natural runoff conditions and reduce small storm discharge to the combined sewer system by releasing any remaining stormwater volume over a 42 to 72 hour period that has not infiltrated or evaporated or used in some other manner and manage the 10% storm and 1% storm per the latest adopted version of APWA 5600 standards. The analysis shall be submitted and approved prior to constructing any improvements required, and the developer shall secure permits to construct any improvements required by the Land Development Division prior to issuance of any certificate of occupancy.


A copy of said development plan is on file with this ordinance and is made a part hereof.


Section B. That the Council finds and declares that before taking any action on the proposed amendment hereinabove, all public notices and hearings required by law have been given and had.




I hereby certify that as required by Chapter 88, Code of Ordinances, the foregoing ordinance was duly advertised and public hearings were held.




Secretary, City Plan Commission


Approved as to form and legality:




Sarah Baxter

Assistant City Attorney