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Legislation #: 180717 Introduction Date: 9/13/2018
Type: Resolution Effective Date: none
Title: Expressing the Mayor’s and Council’s support for Proposition D.

Legislation History
9/13/2018 Filed by the Clerk's office
9/13/2018 Immediate Adoption of Resolution
9/13/2018 Adopted

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Expressing the Mayor’s and Council’s support for Proposition D.


WHEREAS, Missouri’s state highways, county roads, municipal streets and bridges are transportation, economic and public safety lifelines; and


WHEREAS, Missouri has 33,856 miles of state highways, 73,698 miles of county roads, 23,000 miles of city streets, 10,400 state-owned bridges and 14,089 bridges owned by local governments; and


WHEREAS, Kansas City has 6,600 miles of city streets and 550 bridges; and


WHEREAS, Missouri has not raised its state motor fuels tax since 1996, and has in the ensuing 22 years seen a significant erosion in its purchasing power for road and bridge construction and maintenance; and


WHEREAS, there is a growing awareness among Missouri citizens that our state and local roads and bridges are in dire need of repair; and


WHEREAS, the Missouri General Assembly passed HB 1460 that places a measure on the November 6, 2018 ballot increasing the state motor fuel tax to fund road and bridge projects (“Proposition D”); and


WHEREAS, if approved by the voters, Proposition D will increase the state’s motor fuel tax by $.10 from the current $.17 per gallon in increments of 2.5 cents a year over four years to improve the safety of state highways and local streets and bridges; and


WHEREAS, Proposition D will ultimately provide more than $124 million in new annual funding for local streets and bridges statewide; and


WHEREAS, the Missouri Department of Transportation estimates that Kansas City, Missouri will ultimately receive $7.2 million in new annual revenue from Proposition D for city street and bridge projects; and


WHEREAS, the combined positive impact of increased purchasing power for projects, safer roads and bridges, and improved transportation routes to strengthen Missouri’s geographical advantages in business, agriculture, tourism and international commerce, will advance Missouri’s and therefore Kansas City’s economy and quality of life;  NOW, THEREFORE,




That the Mayor and Council hereby support Proposition D that will be presented to Missouri voters on November 6, 2018.