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Legislation #: 120817 Introduction Date: 9/13/2012
Type: Ordinance Effective Date: none
Title: Amending Chapter 88 by enacting Subsection 88-445-14-B-8, to provide for the registration of outdoor advertising signs.

Legislation History
9/13/2012 Filed by the Clerk's office
9/13/2012 Referred to Planning, Zoning & Economic Development Committee
10/3/2012 Hold On Agenda (10/17/2012)
10/17/2012 Hold On Agenda (10/24/2012)
10/24/2012 Hold On Agenda (11/7/2012)
11/7/2012 Hold On Agenda (12/5/2012)
12/6/2012 Assigned to Third Read Calendar
12/13/2012 Passed as Substituted
12/5/2012 Do Pass as a Committee Substitute

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Amending Chapter 88 by enacting Subsection 88-445-14-B-8, to provide for the registration of outdoor advertising signs.


Section A. That Chapter 88, Zoning and Development Code of the City of Kansas City, Missouri, is hereby amended by enacting Subsection 88-445-14-B-8, Registration, to provide for the registration of outdoor advertising signs, said section to read as follows:

88-445-14-B. Regulations

8.  Registration.


A. All new or existing outdoor advertising signs in Kansas City shall be registered with the City Planning and Development Department.


B.  The owner of any existing outdoor advertising sign is required to register each sign within 90 days from the effective date of this ordinance, or within 30 days of the installation of any new sign. If the sign owner does not register the sign within the time periods required herein, the owner of the property on which the sign is located must register the sign within 30 days after the deadline for the sign owner to register the sign.


C.  The registration shall identify the size, height and type (electronic, static, tri-vision, etc.) of each sign, shall include a photograph of the signface(s) and structure of each sign, shall provide an address, if one is available, the geographical coordinates of the sign location, and a detailed description of its location, shall state the date on which it was installed, if known, and shall provide contact information for a representative of the sign’s owner.


D. The registration shall be on a form provided by the City.  The Department shall allow electronic registration.


E.  Sign registration is transferable and in the event of sale of the sign, the buyer and seller shall be responsible to send written notification of the sale to the Department within 30 days of the sale.


F.   Any outdoor advertising sign that is removed or structurally altered (as allowed by the provisions of this Code) shall be reported to the Department within 30 days of such removal or structural alteration.


G. The owner of the sign shall identify each sign by an identification number which shall be placed permanently on the sign, and shall report the identification number to the City with the registration. Said identification number may be the same as the identification number that is used by the Missouri Department of Transportation for such signs located within its jurisdiction. The identification number shall be displayed on both sides of the head of the sign, and shall be at least 6 inches tall if the sign face is at least 300 square feet, or at least 2 ½ inches tall on smaller signs, and shall be legible from the roadway.


H. The failure to comply with the requirements of this subsection 88-445-14-B-8 shall be a violation of this Zoning and Development Code. An affidavit of the Director stating that the sign in question is not registered in accordance with the requirements herein shall be prima facie evidence of the failure to register.


I.    The Director of City Planning and Development may extend any deadlines herein for good cause shown.


Section B. That the Council finds and declares that before taking any action on the proposed area plan amendment hereinabove, all public notices have been given and hearings have been held as required by law.




I hereby certify that as required by Chapter 88, Code of Ordinances, the foregoing ordinance was duly advertised and public hearings were held.




Secretary, City Plan Commission


Approved as to form and legality:




M. Margaret Sheahan Moran

Assistant City Attorney