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Legislation #: 010169 Introduction Date: 1/25/2001
Type: Resolution Effective Date: 2/8/2001
Title: Establishing the City´s positions on matters that may come before the 107th United States Congress during its year 2001 session.

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Establishing the Citys positions on matters that may come before the 107th United States Congress during its year 2001 session.


A. Ongoing Projects


1. Aviation


a. Full funding of Airport Improvement Program - support of the full funding of AIR 21 from the Aviation Trust Fund


2. Economic Development


a. Central Industrial District - request funding from the Environmental Protection Agency for Phase II Stormwater Sewer System and funding from the Economic Development Administration for removal of blight.


b. City Market - search for all possible appropriations for funds to renovate the Farmers Market in the City Market in Kansas City.


c. Richard L. Berkley Riverfront Park - request funding for infrastructure improvements and additional brownfields remediation efforts.


d. Town of Kansas - request TEA-21 funding for the proposed pedestrian bridge.


e. Richards-Gebaur - support the Chambers requests for the intermodal project at the former Richards-Gebaur Airport in south Kansas City.


f. Ilus W. Davis Park - request funding for enhancements to the Park.


3. Flood Control.


a. Blue River Channel Modifications - support completion of the project, currently being projected for 2005 by the Corps of Engineers.


b. Blue River Basin (Dodson Levee) Project Blue River Basin - support preparation of necessary plans and specifications.


c. Turkey Creek Basin - support continued funding for design.


d. Swope Park Industrial Area - support continued feasibility funding.


e. Brush Creek Flood Mitigation and Habitat Restoration - encourage federal match funding from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

f. Missouri River Habitat Restoration - encourage federal match funding from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


4. Housing.


a. Columbus Park Housing Redevelopment Project - request funding from the Housing and Urban Development EDI-Special Project Grant.


b. Housing and Community Development - support the Consolidated Plan submitted by the Housing and Community Development Department.


5. Transportation.


a. Light Rail and Fixed Guideway Transit Study - encourage Phase II preliminary engineering funding.


b. Area Transportation Authority - support the ATAs requests for funding of mass transit needs.


B. New Projects.


1. Child Care.


a. Operation Breakthrough Community Campus - support request for federal funding for an expanded facility at 31st and Troost.


b. Finance CIRCLE - support funding this pilot program operating in five American cities (including Kansas City) and seeking to improve early childhood education from the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education budgets.


2. Flood Control.


a. Kansas Citys Seven River Levees - request funding for a feasibility study.


b. Neighborhood Flood Control Projects - seek funding opportunities for flood retention basins and other solutions to flooding caused by storm water run-off problems.


c. Wet Weather Water Quality Act of 2000 - request monitoring of the act and the funding provisions and allocation requirements.


d. Water Infrastructure Network - request monitoring and support of funding.


e. Northeast Industrial District - support funding to address stormwater flood control within the Northeast Industrial District.


3. Technology.


a. Technology Opportunities Programs - support the funding of this program which would allow the City to seek funding for modernization and efficiency upgrades for City operations.


C. Issues.


1. Aviation.


a. Airline Competition and Mergers - monitor all proposed mergers and acquisitions to determine their impact on Kansas City.


b. Environmental - support continuation of the three ongoing environmental studies: air and water quality, aircraft noise impacts and the new FAA Aviation Noise Abatement Policy 2000, and the national Environmental Protection Act Process Streamlining.


2. Health.


a. Public Health Threats and Emergencies Act - support full funding of the recently passed legislation dealing with the growing bio-terrorism threat.


b. Encourage and support increased opportunities for those un- or under-insured.


c. Encourage establishment of reasonable Medicare reimbursement rates for ambulance services for the Metropolitan Ambulance Services Trust (MAST) and other health care providers including hospitals and nursing homes.


3. Towing.


a. Wreck Chasing - support legislation to curtail wreck chasing activities of tow truck operators.