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Legislation #: 070367 Introduction Date: 3/22/2007
Type: Special Action Effective Date: none
Title: Honoring Sheila L. Bowren for her work in Mayor Barnes’ Office.

Legislation History
3/22/2007 Filed by the Clerk's office
3/22/2007 Adopted

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Honoring Sheila L. Bowren for her work in Mayor Barnes Office.


WHEREAS, Sheila Bowren began her career in the Mayors Office in June 1999, when she became the Mayors scheduling assistant; and


WHEREAS, throughout her tenure as scheduler, Sheila has served the Mayor in a role absolutely essential to the successful and efficient operation of the Mayors office. Sheilas job has been demanding, and she has handled it effectively and professionally. Every request for even a moment of the Mayors time has been directed to Sheila. Sheilas task these last many years has been to handle all aspects of this energetic Mayors schedule, a schedule that has been exceedingly busy, one that changes frequently, and a schedule that involves more than a few people. Sheila has worked proficiently and carefully with countless people to ensure that requests were met and that the Mayor was well served; and


WHEREAS, Sheila Bowren is known and respected for her warmth, friendliness and courtesy. Even in the face of difficulty, Sheila has a smile and pleasant word for everyone with whom she interacts. Sheilas ability to deal with the demands of her job has proven exceptional. Sheila is accommodating, skillful and gracious; and she has been a diligent and loyal staff member. Sheila has contributed enormously to the proper functioning of the Mayors office; and


WHEREAS, Sheila Bowren will leave City Hall this week for a position with King Hershey; NOW, THEREFORE,




That the Mayor and Council do hereby extend their profound appreciation to Sheila Bowren for her work in Mayor Barnes Office and offer their best wishes for success and happiness in her now job; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Resolution be spread upon the Minutes of the Council in testimony thereof and that a copy hereof be presented to Sheila Bowren with appropriate recognition and appreciation for her contributions to this community.