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Emergency Physicians Advisory Board

Contact: Joe Salamone

Description: The emergency physicians advisory board (EPAB) is established and shall be an advisory board consisting of a minimum of four currently licensed physicians who are board certified in Emergency Medicine or a related Emergency Medicine subspecialty, serve without compensation and recommend to the medical director protocols, methods and measures promoting high-quality pre-hospital emergency care and make recommendations on issues directly impacting the quality of medical care. Members of EPAB shall be appointed by the medical director following consultation with emergency medical physicians within the community and upon the recommendation of the chair of the department of emergency medicine of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine. The term of a member shall be three years. A member may be reappointed. A member of EPAB may be removed by the medical director for the following reasons: (i) submission of a letter of resignation, (ii) lack of attendance for attending 50% or less of meetings of a running calendar year, or (iii) loss of active medical license. Meetings of EPAB shall be chaired by the medical director. In the absence of the medical director, members of EPAB shall choose from among themselves a member to chair their meetings. (b) Recommendations to medical director. The EPAB shall provide to the medical director recommendations concerning protocols and other medical issues affecting the EMS system within the city.
Conflict of Interest Required:  No

Board Members
MemberStatusExpiration Date
Aaron Kaus Nominated 1/29/2022
Matt Gratton Nominated 1/29/2022
Tucker Lienhop Nominated 1/29/2022
Samir Doshi Appointed No Expiration
Andrew Cusser Nominated 1/29/2022
Tiffany Yost Nominated 1/29/2022
Rick Radakovich Appointed 6/30/2012
David Dahl Appointed 6/30/2011
John Hendren Nominated 6/30/2012
Kelly Sinclair Nominated 6/30/2011
Matthew Bridges Nominated 6/30/2011
Meredith Leach Nominated 6/30/2011
Theodore Barnett Nominated No Expiration

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