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Description: 190838 That the Emerging Technology Board (the “Board”) is hereby created and established and charged with the following: (i) fostering a system of collaboration among City departments and agencies on significant emerging technology decisions; (ii) providing City decision makers with well-informed advice on significant emerging technology decisions involving City uses of emerging technology, City regulation of new technology uses by private entities and by public-private partnerships, consistent with the core principles set forth above; and (iii) regularly engaging community stakeholders to help inform such advice. The Board shall have seven voting (7) members (“Voting Members”) appointed by the Mayor, subject to the following terms and conditions: a. One (1) Voting Member may be the City’s Chief Innovation Officer, who may serve as the Board’s Chair. b. One (1) co-Chair Voting Member, who is not a City employee, who should have substantial experience in engaging with community or neighborhood groups; and c. Five (5) Voting Members shall be individuals who are not City employees, consisting of individuals with expertise and experience in the following fields: technology innovation; business and entrepreneurship; law and policy development; anthropology or sociology; and public affairs. The Board shall have five (5) ex officio (non-voting) members (“Ex Officio Members”) appointed by the Mayor, who are heads of or senior staff in departments with responsibilities that cut across all or substantially all City departments and agencies. 150289-Established Establishing the Smart City Advisory Board for the purpose of advising the City in establishing best practice policies, developing a roadmap for future applications and defining performance metrics for smart city technology. APPOINTMENT PROCESS: Mayor makes 11 appointments to fill slotted positions by occupation NUMBER OF CITY MEMBERS: 11 members for 4 year terms per Ordinance number 150289 Five (5) representatives having experience in or representing organizations with specialization in technology, entrepreneurship, engineering or public works. b. Four (4) city staff members having job responsibilities related to the implementation of smart city technology, including one member from the Department of Water Services, at least one member from the Department of Public Works, and at least one member from the City Manager’s Office. c. One (1) representative of the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City, Missouri (EDCKC) having an interest in issues related to the development of local technology-related jobs and businesses. d. One (1) city councilperson having an interest in issues related to the implementation of smart city technology. 190838-Dissolved
Conflict of Interest Required:  Yes

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